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DLC 9 (patch 41+) bugs, errors, typos, and all confusing things


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Linguistic Derangement (Spell) - (Language - Elumian 10) - Description states that effects last for 4 days, but duration is only 12.


American Heritage Dictionary - USAGE NOTE: Many words, such as honor, vapor, and labor, are usually spelled with an –or ending in American English but with an –our ending in British English. The preferred spelling of glamour, however, is –our, making it an exception to the usual American practice. The adjective is more often spelled glamorous in both American and British usage.


Why is American English so weird? (and why does the ei in weird not follow the rules? i before e except after c?) Can I put in the bug report on the whole freakin language?

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Seal against Mastery (Spell) - (Mastery - Mastery Spells 11) - spell marked as beneficial, however, since it is harmful to the target (increase chance of failure), it probably should be hostile


Or, if you subscribe to the two wrongs make a right methodology, then it might be beneficial... I dunno.


Mastery of Body (Spell) - (Mastery - Theory of Mastery 8) - Spell marked as beneficial, but it's most definitely a hostile spell

Gift (Spell) - (Mastery - Theory of Mastery 10) - Spell marked as beneficial, but it's most definitely a hostile spell, also, the description says it transfers the Pims, while the effects just create the pims and gives it to you.

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Wikia hasn't been happy with me for the past few days, so I haven't done much. Finally got it to accept changes today.


Dispel (Spell) - (Negation Study 4) and Beginner's Dispel (Spell) - (Negation - Negation Spells 1) seems to have exactly the same effects?

Elementalist's Foil (Spell) - (Negation 7) - Spell market as beneficial, but effects are to decrease target's various incantation skills, which is pretty hostile.


One request - The various dispels affect everything, meaning that it can affect positive spells as well. if there is a spell that only dispells hostile spell types, that would be great.

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All the following are related to a duel with Vettor Conta I fought:

1. Duel: CTD when trying to revise a spell action once you’ve planned it (Win7 64).

2. Duel: The back button after validating orders (but before confirming targets) doesn’t go back but instead finishes the turn.

3. Duel: When my opponent cast “Deep Breaths” the fitness increase was assigned to me (the running boost worked correctly).

4. Duel: No real feedback on the application of Prevent Benefice and Prevent Hostility. Spell cast successfully but I don’t know if it actually did anything (He definitely succeeded at least a couple action/abilities when both of these spells were on him he also failed at many). This also goes for the various Dispel and other failure inducing abilities.

5. Duel: I tried and failed to cast Snap Trap (with a fire pheme attached) but then couldn’t cast it later. I understand not being able to use a spell twice when the enemy is being affected by it but if I failed in my first casting I should be able to try again later.

6. Duel: Flame wand description doesn’t correspond to what it does. It’s basically just a standard attack spell.

7. Duel: I can’t Swing use my long sword action when wielding the Sword of Kush even at melee range. The fact that the text description for “Swing Longsword” doesn’t identify any of its duel properties means it’s probably that action that’s causing the issue.

8. No explanation of what the dueling rules mean when setting up the duel.

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Awareness 5 ‘A clique in need’ seems to imply that it’s going to raise relationship with a member of your clique, but it chose someone completely random for me.


Random Event Botany 1 – Observation Success, ‘Itmust belong to the groundskeeper who’s nearby preparing…’


Student Adventure Emilia P 1 – ‘Her needs to sneak outside and get some of the paradise blossoms now!’ should be she rather her. After succeeding on the Observation check, it switched from “her needs’ to ‘Emilia is a social butterfly bio link etc needs to sneak outside…’ May have reported this already when playing Ceyn, hm.


Random Event Student – Hector, the first option is simply ‘Exit 1’.

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I'm afraid I didn't catch the name of the event :(


A thief has stolen something, a police man notes you and calls to stop him. (not much to go with I know :()


Anywho, There was an Enchant investigate, which leads to a slight-of-Hand exit. You help the thief into an alley and in doing so help him carry some of his gold - problem was there was no mention that I actually got any money in the day report. :angry:


He must have stolen it back, the nasty little @#¤%! no honor among theives anymore! Tch.

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