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Search the abandoned warehouse quest dead end


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Hi. I'm playing Search the abandoned warehouse part of Oan's quest. I just went through the tunnel and have black-coloured options to search for someONE and look around the glade (can't remember exactly what they said). I pass them successfully - I find a small withered dude and a trickle of water. After that , the only option available is "How can you refure? EASILY!"


Which means I can't continue the quest. I am patched up to patch 40.


How very incredibly frustrating.

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There are two other Exits in that particular Stage, but both have Prerequisites. It's not a bad idea to have another way to get through there, in case you do not have the Items or Memories currently required- we'll see if we can make the change in DLC 10.




I checked the wiki and saw that yes, there should be two options out of here. I'm confused, what Items or Memories (and what are those??) would I need? There is no hint for why the sudden dead end occurs - definitely look into some way to convey that "if only I had/knew... (item or memory), I could do... (next step). Right now it is VERY confusing. The trail just stops. (that's what made me think it's a bug)

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