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The Things a New Modded Student Needs


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Each student has a Goal Table, an Interests Table, a Personal Table, a Studies Table, and an Vendetta table.


Each student has a Personality table as well as a 'Student' stat fill in.


Each student has a Familiar.


Each student has an ability they give to their clique-mates, an ability that's theirs alone, and an ability they do with their familiar that usually raises stuff for a few days and gives them a chance of a permanent raise.


Each student has a birthday, in which they generally get two attribute points.


Each student has an event revolving around them, and each student has a grr hiss event that can trigger if you have low relationship and rivalry with them (...though I've never actually seen any of those in game).


Each student has a long Adventure that usually ends in awesome or in tears, and then a short 'if we have a vendetta, let's trigger a duel' adventure.



Does that sound correct? Is there anything I'm missing? It seems almost every-student has a common-room event they're at least involved in for their collage... um, yeah. But just as the stuff that everyone has, is that, well, it?

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Heh, well, I'm around a quarter of the way there! Around 4 events involving each character I have written, but I haven't even started the full adventure for either yet besides the outline.


Still, I'm getting there... I think. It's amazing how much work went in to each of these kids... and it's fun to try and follow it myself. Woo. :)



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