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Revolution of the planets


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So the revolution of the planets spell says that it increases my chance of success at just about everything?


So theory....

cast 3x revolution of the planets with 9x flawless pheme attached on each. so 3x(7+9) so 48% chance of success possible right?


That would apply to my chance at stat gains from certain abilities as well as adventures etc?


Are there any items that increase CoS? any other spells or abilities or places?

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hmm dont stack?

Tried stacking the spells 6 times, should have had a 60+% chance of success. either they dont stack, or they dont affect the chance of success for stat gain from things like the brisbane shop or that gym.


I haven't made a thorough test of this, but from my experience increasing general CoS does work for Attribute gain rolls. However, it appears that identical CoS spells do not stack. Although I'm unsure if casting multiple different CoS increasing spells (e.g. casting Revolution of Planets followed by Fortune's Choice) will add the CoS bonuses or just have each subsequent spell over-ride the one before it.

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