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Another bunch of background choices


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A few (more) background options for everyone to enjoy. Well maybe not everyone...

Deed: Singer


With this background you gain +1 Voice,+1 Notation, and +1 Famous Songs and will also be informed of a random location to improve your music skills to better compliment your singing skills.


During your childhood you have always enjoyed hearing people sing no matter where they were from, what language they were singing in or whether the song was saintly or very, very naughty. One day after hearing a beautiful song from a travelling group of performers, you decide to try and sing that song, alone, in a secluded area where no one can hear you. Needless to say, you stink at singing. But the singer from the travelling performers heard your singing and decided to give you lessons, much to your embarrassment and excitement.


Tutoring: Grifter


Picking this background you gain a skillstep in Lie, Persuasion, Manipulation, Conversation and Observation. Also your chances to persuade or manipulate someone has improve by 5% although your relationship with two (2) random professors will start at -2 due to your dangerous capabilities.


While there is nothing glamorous about lying and manipulating people, your parents have taught you how to use this to help people by manipulating those who take advantage of others.


History: Secrets and Silence


With this background you gain a skill step in a random Gates and Mastery subskill but your stress minimum will increase by 1. And you will also be informed of an area to improve these skills.


Your great, great grandfather, your grandfather and now you have always been quiet during childhood. This was normal by anybody's standard but in truth you have always been in conversation with the voices that whisper to you. Most of the time the voices are from nice little creatures from…the other side and some of them even made you laugh when you felt alone, mainly because most of the kids don't want to play with you. Unfortunately you talking to imaginary friends as you continue to grow have made you the talk of the town…and school.


Inheritance: Spirit walker (2 background points)

With this background you will receive an Orb of Separation.


Knowing your love of exploration, your eccentric uncle has hunted down every merchant who sells magical wares. On the day you would leave for Academagia, your uncle gives you a box containing a violet orb the size of your fist and wishes you good luck along with a very embarrassing bear hug.



Description: Orb of Separation


By using this orb you will be able to explore three (3) areas a day but you will increase your stress by 4 or if you are strong enough it will only increase by 1 (Fitness vs. 5).


Note that the orb will need to recharge itself so you will have to leave it in a dark area for a minimum of four (4) days.


This violet orb was once invented by a wizard who wanted to explore the world around him but due to an accident during one of his explorations he lost control of both his legs. One day out of desperation he decided to create an orb to send his spirit to the various places he wanted to explore. He succeeded.


Family: Big Sister

By choosing this background you gain +1 to Compassion, +1 Patience, and +1 Temperance and also receive a random gift every three/four weeks.


Growing up in a big family, and you being the youngest of several, you were closest with your big sister who has constantly cared for you. Every time you cried, she will be there to comfort you. Every time you laugh, it was because she made you laugh, usually by tickling you. Every time you had nightmares (being in your underwear mostly), she would sit next to you until you slept peacefully. Now that you are off to Academagia, you can't help but sad for being so far from home. At least your sister still sends you stuff to cheer you up so you should probably do your best and when you go home, pay back her kindness by making her laugh.


95% Chance of possible items: Glamour Mints, Caramel Chews, Laughs in a can, Party Hat, Potion of Wakefulness, Reminder Sheet, Quill Pen, Pie.


5% Chance of possible item(s): J.J's Dog Chow, Newt, Opal, Small, Quartz, Small, Ring of Dedication


Ending notes !!



for the singer background.


2) The grifter background, eeh... anybody watched Leverage the tv show? (Edited)

3) A little variation from the Family: Secret Heritage just to make it slightly easier.


4) Does the Orb of Exploration feel like cheating? Because most of my game I spend so much time training up my skills I neglected to explore the world, thus missing another chunk of the game's content. Darn you large game world !laugh.gif (Edited)


5) I also plan to add events where you will receive a letter from your sister so I must ask for ideas from everyone because, well, I am male. Also, anymore suggestions for the list of possible gifts?

As usual your opinions matter so tell me what you think.

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2) Nope, I've no idea hehe, but doesn't matter much :)


4) I don't think so, maybe an additional limiter, like once every 3 days or so - the stress would be the limiting factor, but once you got fitness enough to resist the 4 points then you won't be bothered by the 1 stress gain.


5) I like it. Should add white mouse to the list as well! Such cute little things. (And other familiars can eat it, it is a bundle of love and a snack, all in one)


I vote for five or seven really. :P

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These are some great ideas for backgrounds. Responses to the questions posed in your notes as well as a few comments are below:


2) Yes I've seen Leverage, and it's good example (at least in a fictional world) of how someone with this background could use these abilities to help others. Of course for that to be featured in game someone has to write the proper events and/or adventures. Even without this background, it would be nice to have some adventures that would let your character act as a "con artist with a heart of gold." However, I do have one suggestion because while +1 SS in 5 skills isn't bad, I think it would be better to have an additional part that can't be obtained through normal game play. Specifically, if the game mechanics allow it something like permanent a +1% Chance of Success bonus to all Manipulation and/or Lie roles.


4) Considering the cost of two Character Points, I don't think the Orb is overpowered or cheating. Although perhaps Adrian is right about limiting it to once every few days.


5) I like concept for the Big Sister background. As far as the number of siblings, why don't you just use the word "several" that would cover all the specific numbers you mentioned. The only concern I have is that while some of the gifts could be received multiple times, selection code should limit how many times certain items are selected in a year. For example, receiving multiple gifts of things like Carmel Chews, Reminder Sheets, and small Quarts crystals per year is understandable. However, if the code is just randomly selecting from the list, it's possible to end-up with a half-dozen or more Rings of Dedication in a single year! To me, it strains credibility to think that first your Big Sis would believe you need that many Rings of Dedication and secondly how she could afford to continue sending so many of the same minor magical artifacts to you unless she is manufacturing them herself. ;)

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Post edited! Thanks for the suggestions.

CremePudding: Maybe the sister actually has some magical talent.wink.gif


Leoshi, after those minor modifications you've made some great ideas into excellent ones. I really like your interpretation of my CoS suggestion on the Grifter background. Specifically, increasing the bonus but adding a slight, but not insurmountable, drawback. Likewise, for splitting the gifts between two separate lists with different probabilities.

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Say, I suppose the Orb would be very durable or even indestructible? :P


As for the letters...


Hmm, if it is possible I might say having your sister's letter to replace the exam warning event would be nice~


And then you get an extra reminder sheet :P


P.S. I don't even know what is does Leverage or Grifter meant until this xD

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