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Leopold Rassent adventure


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I hope I got the right forum.


I am (I think) at the last step of the Leopold Rassent adventure (the adventure is "the story of Leopold", the step is "Leopold defined"). There are three or four choices, but no matter what I try (I have good scores at least in a couple of them, plus the enhancements) they stay purple all the time!

I know, it's a common problem in adventures ^^


I just wanted to know if it's possible to know the difficulties of the various actions (I secretly hope there's a bug that set the difficulty of this last step to 50, but it's kind of a long shot) and some suggestions to improve my chances!



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The first choice / Talk to him is a (Insight/Befriend) roll v. 22

The second choice / Flawless Timing is a (Finesse/Flawless Timing) roll v. 23

The third choice / Tough love. is a (Insight/Command) roll v. 17


According to the toolset as of DLC 5.


Should be a bug I reckon, unless your skills are that low.

The investigation roll is a Intelligence/Character Study roll v. 25, by the way.

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