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Now for a DLC 10 bug topic!


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Typo in "Random Event Student - Cordelia"


"you've come to her, a so many students before you" - missing a 's' :)



I think this one might have been mentioned before, regardless, the Duel exit in "Battle with Mjölnir" failure or success (not sure which) is very blank.


Edit: Also Student Adventure Vincent Eins 02, the link in the main text doesn't seem to work for me.

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This isn't a -real- bug in the actual sense, but I think "Keystone" adventure needs a reviewing.


The exit in "Collapse" in this adventure has a problem when you fail. It is written like you'd just continue the adventure, save you don't. The failure ends the adventure. I can't say if the previous parts of this adventure is like this phase, but if so then a few exits should be updated a bit :)


Edit: I forgot, it was the "Climb" exit I failed.

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* Random Event Dialect 2, Pay Someone To take the Blame option has a bad bio link. Poor Jere.


* Aranaz Adventure 05, spacing mistakes- …saysBasia, saysEmilia, saysCarmine. Not Lambert, though. He gets spaces. Somehow, I’m sure, this is a conspiracy against Aymeri. The Reason failure and success has the hugeeee spaces of doom between paragraphs, too.


* Random Event Magical Defenses 5, Calligraphy success – ‘…off towards the way of She’, should be her (or maybe just Noemia).


* The Demanding One (part of Grainne’s adventure), if you fail the Gossip investigation, has you ‘…take some surveys from Professor Sturzo students’. Carmine’s acting a bit ahead of himself, here- I think it needs to be Sido. XD The next part, also, The Other Demand, has you going after a boy the upperclassman has a thing for by begging off his girlfriend. Problem is, it chose Olivia and then had you make Olivia stop dating her boyfriend to hook up with Vincent Warrender. Having it be set as say, Sima might be a better choice there- she’s not romantically tied to anyone save for maybe the PC- as it is, the only boyfriend I can imagine Olivia having is Cyrus, and I don't think she'd dump him for Vincent, even if Vincent's oddly cute. Also, the part after that, ‘High Time for Revenge’, is listed as High Tme For Revenge’ when you choose it in the adventure list.


Also... the Super Deluxe Assisted Listening Device cannot be equipped in any slot (it seems like it should be an earring (...are their earrings?) or mask or something), and is thus useless. :( The adventure also feels sort of strange, ending just that- a useless item, no stat reward, and no discussion with Gra about what you’re going to use the item for now that you finally have it.


* Celsus’ Maze: Observation Point’s description could use a bit of a touch up, to explain the Burst of Inspiration passive- it doesn’t mention it anywhere in the general description, leading one looking over it as a passive location to do something else in feeling a might confused on why it's passive.


* Weather Pheme doesn’t seem to have a target, and thus doesn’t work. (Was trying to add it to Inspirational Thinking, if that helps.)

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Thanks! The Weather Pheme has no Target (along with many other Phemes), because it inherits the Target of the Spell it is attached to. Looking at that Spell, it raises Insight by 2, so if you add Weather, you should have a total of +3, assuming you cast it successfully.


Regardless, we'll look at it (I think for DLC 11.)

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From Temperance SP V:


"Tonight was the night everyone browses the markets. For the merchants and everyone in the community put their items out for sale."




"A single merchant had her wares spread out in shimmering display. Everyone passed by not even bothering to look at her. Suddenly people started coming up to him buying particulars."


In the first quote, "For the merchants..." isn't a complete sentence, just a dependent clause. In the second, the merchant (her/him) appears to have undergone a sex change. Also, people weren't supposed to be looking at her--but at her wares.


EDIT: The merchant is also described as "drawling" customers in, instead of drawing them in.

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I think I am having a problem with the 'Common Ground' spell- upon using it to add new members to my Clique, I do not gain the effects of the 'Clique Abilities'. Adding Emilia Picotti gave me the 'Emilia's Gift' ability on my 'Abilities and Actions' list, but my Charm (and other stats) remained at 2 (though hovering over the 'Charm' stat informs me I should be getting the bonus, leaving the odd suitation that my listed bonus to the stat is higher than the modified stat).

Similarly, casting Common Ground on Cosetta Re added 'Squealer's Helper' to the abilities and actions list, but I could not find a way to assign to actually use it.

This could be a bug, or I could have missed something.

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Hmm, it seems to me more likely that your Clique is Fighting. In this state, you gain no Clique Abilities. This state does not have very good Feedback, so the best way you can tell is if you check everyone's Relationship with one another. If you see any negatives...you know you are Fighting. Eventually, you will begin to lose Clique Members, too.


That said, which version of the game do you use? If you press F12 and look in the bottom right-hand corner, you can tell. The latest patch version is


Let me know, and thanks!

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I was using apparently, so I'll have to update that. Turns out common ground lead to two enemies sharing a clique, so you were right about the fighting and I didn't realise it. Although that does remind me of a related question:

I know I can check students relationships with each other via the 'gossip' ability, but is there a more direct option to do this anywhere?

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I am currently getting an 'Academagia: Error' 'System Error Occured. Application will be terminated.' message every time I load a save whilst I have a game in progress.

Oddly enough, the application isn't terminated, and I seem to be able to continue playing the loaded game normally afterwards, so it's not a big problem.

It's just strange enough I thought I'd mention it.

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Is your game near the end? Because then I also have this load problem many times. (Its the reason why yesterday I didnt copntinue with my RPG because its anoyed me to much)

Also have a look at your Skills ect. if you get this error because for me if I have this error the char miss nearly all things.

Its a bug I have reported a vew times but give up in reporting because the Team couldn't reproduce it and simply game restart allow me at last 2-3 times reload ingame without this error.

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