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Now for a DLC 10 bug topic!


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During the "Return the Day Planner" adventure, speaking to Phillipe Marchant would display formatting issues, in that the dialogue attempts to display his description text.




1) Attending detention with Oliver Storey results in an improved relationship with Orso Orsi. Is Oliver Storey an secret identity of his?


2) During "Random Lake Event 10", when the game tries to describe the name of the sword, it only does ".", which doesn't seem quite right to me.

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Greetings, Legate of Mineta. :)


I have found a couple of typos that need fixing, both of which are to be found in the character creation screens.


Both are in the "What Sorts of Things Did you Do?" section.


In Aptitude: Scholarship, the word "intellectual" is misspelled as "intellectural."


In Aptitude: Figures, the word "trigonometry" is misspelled as "trigonmetry."


I haven't had much time for gaming of late but have downloaded the latest patch and am looking forward to playing Academagia some more. :)

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