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Prepare the ground..... Traps... lots of explosives outside their dorm in case they are bothering you, then they endup in the infirmary for a week! Start each week by placing new and inovative near death traps!


Eventualy the question would arrise.. Who's the bigger bully?

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Coming to a theatre near you!


!!BullyBrawl V!!


Watch as bullies bully their way into the top bully scoreboards with all sorts of techniques!


See Ezio with his creative hiding places! Giving wedgies when you least expect it!

Be amazed as Mario & Linguini enact their dastardly plan to cover a whole classroom of students in honey and feathers!


And be the FIRST to see Albert litter the Teacher's Lounge with all sorts of new traps!


Tickets are on sale now at 30 pims! That's 30 pims wimp! Pay now or we will bloody your nose! BullyBrawl!



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Certainly you can raise tension between the University and the townsfolk. :)

That's almost interesting to keep track of.

One of my students family is "as I understan it" very influential in the nation in which Mineta is located.

Wealth, nobility, heroes, famous campaigners, and what not, ah yes, wizards.

Surely that will get you caught in crossfire when your family occupies just about every chair and every side wats you to take a stance. Both society, school, the people and fellow nobles, high society....


EDIT: humm, checked it, there is a tiny bit of royalty aswell.... Well, if it will be added in later years then that character better become super-superman or the world will come falling down on him and he will endup in the infirmary merely due to all the inhuman stress associated with getting caught in between almost everyone in half the nation with an opinion of their own.

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One of the things that I really like is that you can simulate many different types of students and families in this game.

It adds to the replayability. Hopefully this feature will be expanded on in later years :)


Even if some is left to head cannon it's still nice flavor :)

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(Leuca, Milamina)


Where are they located? Same island as Mineta? Since they got Legates like Mineta. Or rather havn't got one but got the postitions open.


Just wondering since since there seems to be a lot of nations and cities out there with no Legate.

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So.. How long til I get to see my wizards families? :)


Are you still missing the graphical artworks that goes with the storytelling? I recall hearing something about a possible kickstarter or something.


Year 2 is one of few things that I'm looking forward to atm.

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