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Hmmm. Given that some player characters' homes are farther away than others, will the distance of such from the academagia affect playable summer days available?


You might get more "travel adventures and events" than those whose family happen to live right next to the academagia. While they get more family at home adventures, unless of course the family takes them somewhere else for vacation or family bussines or whatever.


It will be interesting to see what happens.

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I started another playthrough yesterday.


Lending stats to your familiar seems to help the speed at which my Hawk is learning skills quite a bit :) Too bad it hasn't got a selective focus.



I kind of wish I could use the control window for my hawk ;) Have it run it's own adventures or accompany my wizard, or simply fly around having fun as the preset action, with maybe a 5 or 10% chance of gaining a skill step and recovering stress. Familiar activities depending on it's skills. Wizard and familiar would make more sense as a Familiar action slot imo. Also that risk of upsetting other people by having your familiar around should probably be modified depending on your familairs social skills and temperance. (Your familiar realizes it might be a bad idea to set people on fire or claw them for no reason or at least insufficient reason)


I got an African gray parrot


Not my parrot but she looks very much like it.

<img src=http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJ0EiXshX72_R75i1Odbr24GgyPfQERf3MCBHoLZvj2XimS2ZZzQ>

I'm not sure how or if it's possible to post images on this forum. Anyway, clicking it should show the picture.


She kind of looks a little bit like a hawk if you look at the patterns on her feathers and other features, least to the birds in my garden, they tend to get upset when they see her.


Thrush flew of and started making sounds in the distance with it's sound movign clockwise around my garden, didn't think much of it until a huge swarm of Thrushts was incomming and started diving towards her to scare her away. I've heard that smaller birds can adopt this strategy to try and drive predators away from their territory.

They were quite shocked when I grabbed a garden Rake and started swinging it at them. Less than a minute later there was only one Thrush left sitting in the peartree staring at me and my parrot, my guess is that, that was the rabblerouser who was shocked that it's nemesis could enlist a human to provide protection against it's formidable army.

Meanwhile my parrot had gone from screaming in shock to taunting them to come back and fight! Guess she feelt Cocky now that the odds were to her advantage.


Maybe that could be an adventure for your hawk while visiting your family? Your Hawk might have earned the acceptance of the Academagia birds, but what about birds that arn't used to hawk familiars!

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(Quote form DLC 15 Bugs because it suites here better)

I for one am ready for importing into Y2. Not only my expy in the world, but also a spoiled Godina girl who is FAR more interested in the forbidden arts than is healthy... for others.


I may play another game in Y1 with DLC 16, but I don't expect to generate a save worth importing. Would be happy to be wrong though.

I have the end of year save of 5 different chars so fare. 2x Morvidus, 1x Vernin, 1x Godina and 1x Aranaz with one Avila char right now in a slow RPG play trough.

Maybe with DLC 16 I should start a Hedi char to have all Colleges?

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In a slightly not-so-related-to-naming-the-game question; I understand that in the new year you can have add multiple skills and check for difficulty, but (and here is my question) can you scale the success?


If you do a Perception/observation

x<5 => You fail to find Basia's glasses in your trip to class. Ah well, it isn't like she will kick you, like certain other girls... *shiver* (Exit 1 is shown)

5<x<15 => You find the glasses and an odd device by a door. It is a stick with an enlarged sucker from a squid tentacle! How curious. (Exit 2 and 3 is shown)

15<x => You find the glasses, and easily spot a device by the teacher's lounge. The device is an odd stick with an enlarged sucker from a quids tentacle... But.. is that.. water? The dripping of water? You stop dead in your tracks and your senses become keener. Water. Most asuredly! A lot of it. And it stinks! (Exit 4 and 5 is shown)



Would something like this be possible? Cause I've thought of an event.... *grin*

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