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Vuillaume Eparvier's quest?


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It starts, as I understand it, with "The mysterious Scholar" - I'll write the quest on the wiki, I'd rather not ruin the quest for anyone who just happened to stumble on this topic ;)


Will make a link once I've wiki'ed it.



Edit. Should be done now, haven't made links to the subskills to ease investigation but meh,..

Just to be clear...


The site can be found here

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I don't suppose there is any way to get this quest without having Vuillaume Eparvier in one's clique, eh? (Is it just a matter of having her in one's clique, or is there something else one needs, like having her relationship high enough?) I was certainly not thinking about quests when I went for (what I think to be) the standard clique of Emilia Picotti and Silke Niederstatter. And now, a couple months into the year, pretty much everyone else is already in their own clique, including of course Vuillaume Eparvier.


I suppose maybe I should look into what it takes to break up such cliques and grab her once she is cliqueless?

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There are tons of ways to break up other cliques. Not as many ways to break up your own, but you can certainly do harm to others. :3


Having said that, I can't think of a single adventure that requires you to be cliqued. The Mysterious Scholar should only require you to have 4 or so relationship with her, even (many students have it as 5). So you should be able to do her hanging out with her own group.

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Ah, so it's just a matter of having relationships high enough and the respective quests for any given student unlock. Thank you both.


(Sidetracking the thread...)


I really should consider the long term implications of whom I am cliqueing with though; reading up more on their personalities than their bonuses. After a few months, their bonuses are a rather trivial thing compared to what impact they might have on the long term story path of one's character. (Assuming of course that we are all still interested in playing year five, ten years from now real time.)

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I can't believe I wrote 'to do her'. That sounded wrong.


From what's been said, it looks like in later years (unless the idea has been dropped), you'll be able to associate your clique with other cliques- perhaps your clique might just be your BFF's, but then you'll have your 'posse' (or whatever word is chosen), which is all your close friends. So I'm sure you'll be able to keep on the story path of people outside your clique.


There's also been a few hints that having cliquemates outside your own collage might lead to trouble, though...


(Honestly, I'm pretty cheap. I just choose people who have close relationships to my character when starting and clique with them, these days. I used to go after Emilia P each time, but after two roleplays with her, I think I've had enough. I've even been known to do things like clique up with Flore on Black Sheep play-throughs, where her bonus does absolutely nothing, if she and my character have a good starting relationship and it feels like it might make sense. I'm also prone to trying to make BFF's with people I haven't done adventures with yet.)


Personally, I hope in later years they'll be more interaction between other students with other students in their clique. I know that's a lot of work (writing an interaction of every student with every other student... what a pain that would be!), but I'd love to know what Emilia P and Phillipe talk about the one time they cliqued up together in a Godina game I played, for example. And how Phillipe feels about being one of the 'Good Graces'.

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