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Pity that a blue option can mean anything from "slightly likelier than a coin flip" to "will succeed unless you somehow roll a 3 or less on a 1d36", to the wiki (or mod tools) really are necessary to accurately assess risks


Much as I'd prefer it to be otherwise, most of the DC's I put on the wiki adventures are guesstimates - all assume ability*1+skill which we know isn't correct :(

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I didn't know about the Common Ground spell, it is indeed pretty useful, but I don't like having the "wrong" people in my clique.


I usually use Schism to split their clique up then befriend to recruit whomever I wanted from that clique. I might wanna try Common Ground first then split the wrong guy out from my own clique. That just carries the risk of a desired member leaving with him.


As for the gods my definition requires them to either be an inherently different "god-race" or able to ascend to some sort of energy state or similar which clearly separates them from humans. Otherwise they'd "just" be demigods. Perhaps even former humans who had discovered a special source of power through tapping astrology.


The new gods just mysteriously went away right? I assumed that they aged to death. I suppose if the new gods didn't die but ascended to a higher state of being and are still around (and able to affect the world) then I'd include them as true gods, but that still means my character could dream of joining them!

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Right, but I like one-college cliques and I'm pretty particular about who I have in my clique. So if an NPC I'm determined to get is friends with one I don't want I will still need to use schism to get rid of the unwelcome element (which risks splitting my own clique).


Bodies starting to decay also reeks of mortality, going away to hide their demise (or fleeing to a location where age doesn't apply). Sounds like mortals of god-like power, who accessed power that weren't generally known. Probably through Astrology.

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-1% CoS, you mean. Anyway, the wiki has a C&R page: Cleanse and Remake (Spell). It's stated as a -1 bonus to everything.


Been a while since I've been on the forums, but I think I edited that page. the "Bonus" is -1, so to every roll, you add '-1' to that roll. Since all rolls have an attribute, and attributes give 0 to 2x their value, C&R can potentially give you -1 to +5 bonus as a net effect.


The only reason it's a bonus is because that's what the modtool uses. Instead of having a Bonus and a Penalty, they just have a Bonus, and uses negative numbers for Penalties.

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The thing with C&R is that I failed two DC < 10 rolls with attributes raised to 20+ through 6 C&R, so I'm not sure if it's -6 to all rolls or a flat 6% chance to fail any roll. Either way the RNG was a troll.


Mod tools are useful as a baseline, but they can't be entirely trusted. Or accessed for DLC 16 stuff. I still wonder how the Persuasion option during In Search Of Rumors Of Pirates stage 4 works (wiki stage 4, not mod tools stage 4).

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Mantle of Stars unlocks the skills just fine, then you can finish them through cozy discussions with the players' best friend, the Sphinx. Or the Longshade if it's still early game.

I don't know that the Sphinx is my friend anymore. He lost one of his skillups in the latest DLC. He now only gives

1x Random skill

1x picked skill

1x Random known skill


My new favorite is now Culiman's Shack (Bassan 10):

2x Random skill

1x Random skill (2 SS)


which gives you 3 chances to pick up that skill you haven't unlocked yet, although late game, if your training modifier is down due to having all ability scores >= 6, the extra SS doesn't help that much.

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