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Anyone good with portrait editing/creating want to do some for me?


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You're very welcome - I'm glad that you will be able to find a use for the portraits, and I'm also pretty excited that you've come back to this project! Definitely a nice mid-week surprise, I must say.


As you can probably tell by this relatively speedy response, I'm on this forum pretty regularly (albeit not visibly), so if I can ever help you out, just let me know. It was surprisingly relaxing, even though I got a little carried away with the hair bands. :)

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Nice job! I personally like the last one better, especially when compared to the top three portraits. :)


Just two things!



You might want to fill in the blue in the red circle, because the headband looks like it ended there like a fever cooling patch.

Second, go draw a pebble for freespace2dotcom :P

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* Vernin student, female

* Long wheat blonde hair, pulled in to a single rather messy braid going over her shoulder

* Thin face, but rounded features, particularly nose (on the slightly larger side)

* Sullen expression- thin mouth, almost a glare (light eyes- grey/blue/green/violet/whatever, just lighter in color)

* Tall, thin, not particularly well developed

* Not all that pretty: mostly average looking, if not a bit 'eh' due to the general unfriendly air

* Skin color is a bit tricky- there are two others I need to be definitely paler then her, so... 'similar skin color to that used by all the 'Von...' Germanic students, lightened just slightly.

* Face (or nose) tilted a bit to the side, neither up or down, to separate the 'sullen' from 'mischievous' Prudence or 'arrogant' Catherine- try not to edge too close to Flore's position, though, as they have a lot of superficial things in common so it's best to separate them as much as possible.







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