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Exams adventures? Weee!


Honestly I hate exams excluding a few... Well, chances are that magic exams are a bit more exciting! I imagine walking into the room after Durand, half the classroom is still burning and the teachers try to look clam about it. "Now, please, take a seat and read your assignment aloud" ;)

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Thanks, guys. :) Yesterday was fun.


I don't consider it too important, though. Next year I'll be twenty-five... then I'll run around screeching. As it is, twenty-four is pretty lame. Not too different then twenty-three. /grin

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I just hit 25 back in january, it isn't so amazing other than the fact that I know I've survived a quarter of a century. (Which is something, true.)


Looking forward to 26 though, I am plotting something huge, HUGE I tell you. HUGE




maybe even a cake this time...

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