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Another event to test your character, and if you fail you will suffer still have fun. Besides, the imaginary friend in Sims 3 is a little scary. Imagine if your toys come alive and try to sleep well tonight. Remember, suggestions are always welcome. And for the next event, gremlins with feature.cool.gif




All right, this is just plain weird.


Usually when you open the door toyour room you would expect to see a nice empty room or just your familiar playing around. Although you would also expect to see a bucket on top of yourdoor, or a box that is clearly a trap or just some form of a prank.


Today is different.


Today somebody has gone through the trouble of placing a ton of stuffed toys in your room. They all come in various shapes and sizes including huge bears, pastries with eyes and mouths, long, fuzzy and brightly-coloured caterpillars,wacky-looking jesters, nobles with snooty looking faces and, oddly enough, a white cube with a large pink heart on the sides.


@Familiar name@ seems to be very happy to have so many toys to play with. But you will have to figure out whatto do with them before a professor sees all this. And also, how will you sleep peacefully if everybody thinks that you like to cuddle with toys every night? Well maybe not every night…




Exit 1: Just move them out of your room.




Bending down to pick up a rather funny looking jester, the toy suddenly looks straight at your face and shouts "ATTACK!!"


In seconds, every one of the toys are either pinning you down (they are surprisingly strong) or cheering on their friends. Once your limbs are pinned down by four huge bears with creepy grins on them, the other toys pull off your shoes and proceeds to tickle you with real feathers.


You beg and beg between laughs for the toys to stop as tears stream down your face but the toys just ignore your pleads. Just when you thought you were about to wet yourself, the door opens and the toys suddenly return to normal.


As you struggle to catch your breath, @random professor@ just stands at the door and looks between your room and you with a very puzzled expression and very wide eyes. The professor then asked you to keep it down and proceeds to close the door and leaves before deciding to do something productive. Like researching child behaviours.


Great you thought as you climb toy our bed and gasping for breath, now the professor will be keeping an eye on the crazy one. On the other hand, @familiar name@ seems happy to just play with the new toys.


Result:+2 Stress, +1 Familiar Kinship


Investigation 1:Theory of Enchantment


Wait, you feel something coming from the toys.




You try to feel the enchantment but it seems to be fading from you. Perhaps Professor Leith can tutor you after you deal with these toys.


Result: Nothing (Naturally)




Found it. A very strong enchantment has been cast on the toys. It seems that the toys were made to attack the next person not familiar who touches them. Well that's reassuring, now all you have to do is try to hijack the spell.


Result:Unlocks Exit 2: Negation Spells and Exit 3: Command




Exit 2:Negation Spells


As a smart person once said "Do unto others what they would have done unto you"




After asking @familiar name@ to stand back, you cast a very difficult spell to twist the spell already woveninto the toys. You smile as the spell seems to chase out the enchantment.


Unfortunately you must have done something wrong as the toys suddenly stand and gather onto your bed. They then arrange themselves with the largest at the back and smallest at the front except the cube sitting in one corner of your bed. A jester picks up a pencil and stands at the front of your table.


You stare in amazement as the toys proceed to sing the most wonderful song you have ever heard in your young life. As the toys return to normal you give the toys the applause they deserve. Now the trouble begins.


You hear giggles outside you door and as you open the door you find your friends laughing right in your face. When they finally got a grip on themselves, they laugh at you for playing make belief with a bunch of toys like a toddler. Your face turns cherry red as you try to explain that it was your failed spell that made the toys gather and sing on your bed. That only made things worse as your friends laugh till they gasped for air. Angry and embarrassed you slam the door close and cuddle with a bear in a fancy suit on your bed.


Result:+1 Music Theory, Feeling: Embarrassment




All right, somebody tries to prank you, you prank them back.


After asking your familiar to get back, you trace the phemes in the air and cast a spell to make the toys find whoever is responsible for this.


The toys twitch once and stand up.They then stride out the door and pass through the many nooks and crannies until they arrive out the building. You follow the toys from a distant, watching and feeling utterly fascinated by the fact that the toys seem to know where they are going. What is more fascinating is that no one seems to be around to watch or even stop the toys. Awkward is one way to describe it.


Realization dawns on you as you spot Rui da Casga sitting under a shady tree, blue print in one hand. The toys run towards Rui and pounce on him. The surprised look on his face fills you with overwhelming satisfaction as the toys stuffed themselves into his clothes, tickling him everywhere. You quickly gather a crowd to catch Rui in this embarrassing predicament and soon enough rumours of Rui's embarrassment circulates throughout the school. You even taunted Rui with a stuffed bear and bring it back to your room for @familiar name@.


The look on his face will be remembered by all.


Result:+1 Negation Methods, +1 Familiar Kinship


Exit 3:Command


The toys will obey you.




Taking a deep breath you bark out your orders, commanding the toys to attack who even put them here in the first place, NOW!!


None of the toys move so you repeat your order again and again. None of the toys respond. Losing your patience, you order the toys sternly to move or else you will burn them all.


Hearing this, the toys suddenly jerk their heads towards you.


The toys then stand up and stalk you menacingly. Oh gods.


"Err…attack the culprit please?" was the last thing you said before running away as the toys begin their attack. Too slow.


The bigger toys pin you down as the smaller toys worm their way into your clothes, tickling you all over. Try as you might, the toys managed to attack so quickly all you could do is …well nothing. A worm toy crawls along your belly and the jesters tickle you with feathers. @Familiarname@ could only watch as you struggle to avoid wetting yourself.


Oh the embarrassment as the toys returns to normal as your friends come into your room. You would have said "I can explain" but amid the roars of laughter from your friends and the sight of you surrounded by little children's toys, there is nothing more you can say.


Result:+2 Stress, Feeling: Embarrassment




Taking a deep breath you begin by pacing in front of the toys while looking at each of them in the eyes…buttons…whatever.


Next, you stand straight, assume Orso Orsi's stern face and while addressing the toys as troops you command them to locate who planted them here.


Amazingly, the toys gave you a salute and proceed to march out the door. You follow them after you overcome your amazement. Surprisingly, no one seems to have notice a strange parade of toys marching in a line along an invisible path. Lucky you.


Suddenly, you realize who the culprit is as you spot Rui da Casga sitting under a shady tree, blue print in one hand. Within a minute, the toys charge straight at Rui and utterly surprise him. The toys then proceed to pin him down, with some crawling into his clothes and others drawing silly images on his face. By the time the toys return to normal Rui crudely resembles one of the jester dolls.


Taking one of the bears for @familiar name@, you scare Rui one more time by pretending to attack him with the bear. By the time you reach your dorm you must have heard laughter maybe over a dozen times by now.


Result:+1 Confidence, +1 Familiar Kinship


Exit 4: Playfulness


Having toys to play with? Yes please!




As you picked up a particularly adorable bunny bear toy, the toy turns its head at your head with pleading eyes. Quite surprised by this you froze with the toy in your hands.


Suddenly the toys climb all over you and some into your clothes and proceed to tickle you until you are laughing with your guts aching and tears streaming out of your eyes. When the toys finally stopped you are breathing hard and pulling toys out of the back and front of your robes. It seems that the toys are normal again as @Familiar name@ wants to play with you with the toys. Cautiously you picked up another toy and after a minute of tensing your body for another round of tickling, you start having fun with @Familiar name@.


And that is when your friends open the door.


Looking at the pile of toys in the middle of your room and your embarrassed self with a toy in one hand, a half smile starts to form on their face and some already giggling. Nervously, you ask "Who wants to play?" They promptly burst out laughing and calling you a baby, complete with baby cries and thumb-sucking to boot. People can be so mean.


With your familiar comforting you at your side, you and your familiar play Mages to the Rescue with the toys. It was the best fun you had since you left for the academy.


Result:+1 Familiar Kinship, Emotion: Humiliation




Toys!! What else could you ask for?


You quickly pick up a white fuzzy bear and hug it as thought you were what? Five? Six?


Hugging the bear you feel a tickling sensation on your sides. Huh?


Looking down, you see toys crowding around you and they start to worm into your clothes and seem to have fun while tickling you. You giggle and then you laugh loudly as the toys continue their fun. When the toys finally stop you are breathless and on the floor with your guts aching. After catching your breath, the white bear comes up to you and opens its arms wanting to hug you. How could you resist? You gave the toys a big grin and hug the bear tightly.


Then the door opens.


A few of your friends are at the door, staring at the toys and you in particular as you look like a child having the best time ever. They look envious.


Sensing their envy, you quickly invite your friends and their familiars to join you and @Familiar name@. Your friends promptly close the door behind them and start to play with you. In that time, you feel as thought you are a child again (which you are), with loud friends around you making this moment an unforgettable one.


Result: +1 Relationship with 3 random students of the same college.


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