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Error can't start the game


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As many before me,i have a problem starting the game.


On Vista, with Net Framework 3.5 sp1 i have:


Downloaded the game with impulse.

Erased the Mod Subfolder

Downloaded the latest patch

Replaced the files

used the ALTFiles cleaner

Launched the game as an administrator.


it still doesn't work. I surely must have missed something.


Could you give me pointers ?



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There are a few possibilities, but to start let's check two things:


1) Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Academagia and delete the Cache folder there, if any. ProgramData is a hidden folder, do you may need to turn options on. Please also run the AMTempFilesCleaner.exe which you can find in the Patch.


2) If this does not correct the issue, please download the latest Patch and delete all files and folders in you Academagia folder which correspond to the ones found in the Parch. It's important to delete them as some problems with replacement can occur. After you have deleted these files, move the files from the Patch into your Academagia directory.


These two steps should solve the issue, but if not we will look at your .NET installation next.


Let us know either way and thanks!

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