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Problem Solving Ink (Fluff)

Sabin Stargem

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An ink created by an expelled Academagia student, that same person went on to sell and market this nefarious item. Simply put, it is used by students to have their homework "automagically" solve itself - but some assembly is required. First, the ink itself not only must be spilled onto the parchment that needs to be solved, but it also must painted or drawn onto a surface that is underneath, above, or directly adjacent to a student. (preferably, smarter than the person using the ink.) Once placed, the ink would read the "thoughts" of whoever is doing the actual work, and would proceed to mimic that person's efforts to the best of its ability. Unfortunately, an incorrectly placed paper would have the problem-solving ink wandering off the page, and it doesn't take into account whether or not there are additional pages to write upon. Should the person who was attempting to copy another person's papers fail to supply the required amount of parchment, it is apt to continue work, despite the lack of paper. Furthermore, teachers tend to notice when a paper is writing itself, and tends to jump to the worst conclusions. It can be said that usage of Problem Solving Ink would require some degree of preparation, calligraphy, enchantment, and occasionally some form of trickery in order to use it to good effect. When actually used, the Ink tends to form all words that corresponds to what a person is thinking, so there is often random words and commentary intermixed with actual answers*. Students often buy or copy unused exam papers so that they can write down answers that do not have obvious tell-tale signs of being someone else's work.


*The ink would form letters and script related to the first language of whoemever it is mimicking.

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