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A Kitten and a Boy


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I made a bet with myself that if a certain someone beats me in a duel, I would write an event featuring him. Guess what, I lost.dry.gif


<if you lose a second time, you still have to feature him.>, Ih-soel



You are finally out of that stuffy classroom and got a chance to stretch your legs.


The lake is the perfect place to relax as you sit under a tree and enjoy the cool breeze. The wind blows onto your face, you could just almost make out the shapes of phemes on the lake. You grab a hold of yourself before your mind drifts back to the class earlier today.


Just when you are about to take a short nap, you spot someone on a thick branch of a very tall tree (there are only a few very tall and big trees), holding on to something close to his chest. Right across from him is one very big, very menacing looking black snake.


"Giveit to me now boy or I will eat you!" said the possibly-not-a-snake snake.


(Automatic Success for all)


Exit 1: Time for a little magic




You quickly draw up the phemes and covered the snake in thick black smoke. You then draw up the phemes for a lightning spell as the thing slams into the ground, suggesting that it is heavier than it looks. When the thing climbs onto its feet you see clearly that this a shape-shifting troll. You blasted the troll when its hands fly towards your face and it lands just a few meters from the lake. With one final blast of wind, you send the troll flying to the other side of the lake, just missing the water by a few inches. The troll glares at you with a bleeding nose. The boy shoots a spell to turn the ground beneath the troll's feet to mud. Troll slipping in the mud. Funny.


When the boy, Philippe Marchant, climbs down the tree you hear mewing. As Philippe turns around you see that he has been holding on to a VERY adorable kitten,with the most lovable eyes and the softest white fur you even set your sights on, you giggled a little. Philippe puts down the kitten after he laughs as the kitten licks his face, and scamper towards the city.


You cover your mouth and giggle uncontrollably. The tough Philippe and an adorable little kitty, the perfect pair. Philippe is astonished for a moment as he catches you giggling and promptly punches you in the shoulder and threatens to bath you in mud if you tell anyone about this. Typical.


The pain is softened by the fact that you and Philippe have saved a life from a dangerous troll. But it still hurts on the way back to your room.


Result: +1 Concentration, -1 Vitality



Exit 2: Distract the snake-thing from Philippe.




You throw sticks and stones at the snake and insulted its family and its oddly rough voice. The sticks and stones didn't hurt it but your words certainly did as the snake loses its form in a curtain of fire and becomes a troll.


You made a run for the lake as the troll jumps from the tree and lands on the ground where you were standing a few seconds ago. The ground shakes and the boy in the tree barely hangs on.


You stand just a few inches from the lake and continue to throw stones at the troll, one stone hit his eye. You manage to anger the troll enough that he pounces at your face but misses as you duck just in time. The trolls lands in the water with a splash. You and the boy quickly shoot spells into the water to scare the troll. A few minutes later the troll flies out of the water as a fish and into the tree. A flying fish is just so unoriginal you cried out.


You make your way back to the tree and freeze on the spot as the cutest little kitten licks Philippe's hand. Was that a giggle?! Did Philippe just giggled while playing with a kitten? That is impossible! Cante Caviti and Vuillaume Eparvier blowing up Elumia or Vettor Conta getting kissed by a girl are more likely!


When the kitten runs back towards the city, Philippe turns around and sees you staring with wide eyes and an open mouth. He panics for a moment and promptly wrestles you to the ground and sits on you. Philippe threatens that he would make your life even more miserable if you tell anyone about this incident, or as he puts it "You tell anyone about this and I will make your life so miserable even a DRAGON will pity you. Understand buttercup?" followed with a shove into the dirt.


As you make your way back to your dorm, you still feel happy that you have saved a life. Ow. Ow. You beg Philippe to stop twisting your arm.


Result: +1 Flawless Timing, -1 Vitality.



Exit 3:


Challenge the snake-thing to a battle of wits, knowledge and math!




"Hey ugly!" you shouted at the snake. "Get away from him."


"Why should I, you little whelp" the snake-thing hisses roughly at you.


"Because you are stupid if you think that you can cross the branch before he manages to jump down and land safely."


"And how would you know that? Are you some kind of mathematical genius? You scrawny little whelp."


"Yes. Yes, I am" you lied.


The snake-thing jumps down and transforms mid-air into a troll before landing with a BOOM. You begin quaking in your shoes immediately.


"I'll have you know that I am a five time champion of calculations and equations among my people. Now present your test, you ugly, scrawny little whelp that can't even walk two steps before tripping."


You find that extremely unlikely and present the question. If the troll were to run towards the lake at a speed of one kilometre per hour, jump up at an angle of 50 degrees, achieve a height of six metres, and diving into the water while corkscrewing as a raven, would the splash be large enough to knock you down while standing ten metres away from the lake?


"Pah! The splash would be large enough to knock down the boy in the tree, you pompous little fool" answered the pompous troll.


"Oh yeah? Prove it then you big pompous troll." You hear the kid groan in the tree.


The troll gives you a look and said "if the water knocks the boy down, I get to eat you both. You sweaty, little manure smelling human." He then proceeds to run, jump and magnificently arcs in the air.


Right before he reaches the water, you cast a frost spell that turns the water into a thick chunk of ice. You hear a wince-worthy CRACK and sincerely hoped that the troll is fine. Apparently he is as you see the troll crawl out of the water and away into the forest.


With that done you turn around and GASP! Philippe is playing with an adorable little kitten. He is smiling as the kitty playfully lies on his head. When Philippe gets the kitten down, he doesn't do it bashfully, he calls it down with a kind voice. When the kitten scampers off towards the city, Philippe turns towards you and looks at you menacingly. You gulped as Philippe threatens to punch you in the face if you tell anyone about the incident. You hurriedly agree as Philippe slaps you on your back. Yeow!!


Result: +1 Lie, -1 Vitality

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