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I haven't had a character with the social skills to test this out who isn't being used for another reason, but I wonder if anyone else has played around with this.


Say you and your hated student of choice get in a huge rivalry, and you declare Vendetta on them (I don't believe the AI really declares Vendetta on you, mostly because very few of them are programmed to go for Schoolyard Education, but if anyone's seen it, please tell me :D). Rawr! And then, let's say, you suddenly start... well, confiding. Or take over their brain with Mastery and force them to love you. Whatever. In any case, let's say you raise your friendship up from -10 to 0. Heck, you raise it up to 10. All the while not starting a duel (...I'm almost positive only you can start a duel, not them).


Do you ever get an option to 'End/Stop the Vendetta' that doesn't involve the dueling route?


As I said, I haven't had a character who could properly test it, but if anyone else has, I'd be extremely interested in what you saw. Thanks.

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