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A boy and his trunks


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Another event to mess with the PC. This time is not because I lost a duel but because of an event that sent my Character to the Infirmary right after the duel.dry.gif



On with event.


Pre-requisite: Player must be Male, Player attends Athletic Class, Relationship with Philippe Marchant = less than 0


When your friends ask you what you are scared of, you usually reply "nothing!" Okay, so you are scared of angry professors, angry senior students, angry monsters and an angry familiar (your familiar). But other than that there is nothing you are scared of.


Today, you are going to have to add a new fear to the list.


The day started out fine enough, sun shining, wind blowing and the lake water feeling so cool and welcoming for swim class. The best part is after class when the Professor lets everyone enjoy the rest of the time swimming. But then you notice that the professor may have ended the class early because of a certain lady friend.


And so there you are enjoying the swim when suddenly something grabs your legs and pulls you underwater. It was so sudden that you don't notice anything when you surface until you hear laughter coming from the shore.




Philippe is a short distance away from the shore; he waves your trunks in front of everyone.


Cheering erupts from the crowd.



Exit 1: Just wait for Professor Massioti to come back


Waiting is harder than it sounds as teasing from your classmates keep coming your way.


Soon, your imagination runs wild as you thought about Grainne Inneith spreading the news, Reitz von Lutersee selling everyone tips on how to make you bend to their will, how Rikildis von Kiep might use this when you cross paths with her, how Zorzi Galea will be using this piece of information during rimbal practice, how Silke Niederstatter or Neta Xemutre will laugh at you every time they see you! How everybody in school will use this as leverage against you! Especially the professors.


Well at least nobody will have a picture of you in this situation. Uh oh, Vincent Eins is rubbing his hands in an evil manner. And he is friends with Caspar Pfeuffer.


To make matters worse, Philippe appears behind you as you were stunted by your imagination and he proceeds to drag you towards your classmates. You struggle in vain.


Luckily, the professor comes back just in time and has Vettor return your trunks while Philippe swims laps as punishment, which he enjoys greatly.


The trip back to your dorm was the longest moment of your life.


Result: +1 Stress, Emotion: Embarrassment


Exit 2: Wrestling


Take your trunks back! And his trunks too.




Determined to get your trunks back you dive under the water quickly and drag Philippe into the water with the intention of getting his trunks down so that he will feel the burn. Figuratively.


Philippe felt the burn alright. He felt the burn of anger and the warm feeling of superiority when faced with a naked challenge.


When you pulled Philippe into the water, he manages to headlock you when you try to reach for his trunks. You twist and turn and struggle but he is just too strong for you.


"You are just so easy you know that?" whispered Philippe. Then the most horrible thing happened, Philippe drags you ever so slowly towards the shore while calling out to everyone. Your face burns as you inch closer and closer while some of the more modest kids turn their heads away.


Fortunately, Professor Massioti returns before Philippe completes his mission. After Philippe finishes his twentieth lap, you all return to your dorms. You spent the journey beside the professor with your head down and giggling friends (traitors) in front. The professor cheers you up with a few kind words but as you look up you see him struggling hard not to laugh in your face. You cover your head with a hood as you know that this day will haunt you for the rest of your life.


Result: +1 Stress, Emotion: Embarrassment




Taking a deep breath you dive deep into the water and swim as fast as you can until you are behind Philippe. Taking another breath after you pop up behind him, you drag him down into the water and quickly flip him around after taking hold of your trunks, making it easier to take his trunks.


You swim a good distance away from Philippe before putting on your trunks and climbed out of the water before he could process what you just did.


Now you and your classmates are laughing at Philippe. You taunt him by waving his trunks in front of his raged-filled / embarrassed face as he makes futile threats at you.


When the professor returns, He doesn't scold you as he is impressed with what you just did. After the professor had his laugh he gets you to return Philippe's trunks. You swim out to him and Philippe whispers to you "you better watch out." You of course ignore him and enjoy this moment of victory.


Result: +1 Confidence


Investigation 1: Familiar Kinship


Someone help!




Your familiar had decided to follow you out today. Normally you would have your Familiar stay in your room as trouble always happen when you both are together.


You scan the surrounding area for where your Familiar could possibly be and your eyes land on your bag as you see your familiar picking through the contents.You hoped that &Familiar Name& knows you well enough to bring you your wand when you are in trouble.


Unfortunately, &Familiar Name& just takes one look at what a total fool you are and just laughs.


Well somebody is definitely not going to be sleeping in your warm room tonight!


Result: -




Considering what a day it is today, you might be lucky if &Familiar Name& is resting comfortably in your room, suddenly sensing your embarrassment and come rushing out. Speeding across the fields and reaching your bag and pulling out your wand and toss it to you. Yeah, right.


&Familiar Name& would probably come out here, take one look at you and make you miserable for the rest of your life. Constantly reminding you of this situation any time you try to make &Familiar Name& do something ridiculous. With this thought in mind you feel more frustrated than ever.


A wand drops onto your head.


You hurriedly grab hold of the wand and looking towards the shore, you see &Familiar Name& hiding behind a tree with squirrels on top of the tree with a sling.


You silently thank the gods and &Familiar Name&.


Result: +1 Familiar Kinship, Unlocks Exit 3



Exit 3: How is the water Philippe?


Look at that smug face of his, basking in the glow of victory, gaining admiration from his peers and looking so happy that he has made you a laughing stock of the school again after that time with a spell that ripped the backside of your robes in half with your.


Well today he is going to suffer the wrath of one of his many victims. He will rue the day he made fun of you. You will become his worst nightmare!


You silently scold yourself for being so dramatic.


One blast of an ice spell later Philippe is freezing in a block of ice. You swim over and from underneath the block of ice you take your trunks and put them on first. You swim to the front of Philippe and gave him such a nasty smile that his face takes on a horrified expression. You dive down and, ever so slowly, pull down his trunks.


Your classmates cheer for you as climb onto the pier with Philippe's trunk. The excitement draws Professor Massioti's attention and he punishes you for embarrassing Philippe like this. You tried to convince the professor but he won't listen.


Well you can't win them all. At least Philippe had a taste of his own medicine.


Result: +1 Courage, +1 Stress, -1 Relationship with Philippe Marchant



And complete.


Rejected Exit:


Exit 4: Mastery Methods


Pre-requisite: Investigation 1 Success,Ethics = 0, Character = 0


Obey your master!




You trace the complicated phemes under the water and, with a smirk, the spell lands on Philippe without anyone noticing. For a moment Philippe just floats in the water as though nothing happened. He suddenly swims out to you, giving you a scare, and returns you trunks. Willingly!


"Don't think that I'm being nice, I just don't want to get in trouble."


Testing your luck, you say with a big smile on your face: "maybe you should try doing something nice for him. Why don't you do something that will make his date pity…love him more?"


Philippe considers it for a moment and nods his head. He dives underwater and brings out a small snapping turtle (!). He then goes off to look for Professor Massioti with the turtle. You fear the worst as minutes passed and suddenly a scream pierces the air.


And then Philippe comes back with the turtle clamping down on his finger.


Joana brings Philippe to the lake (after punching and / or threatening those who laughed at Philippe) to tend to his wound.


As everyone starts to leave for the Academagia, you feel slightly (SLIGHTLY) bad for getting Philippe hurt. You rummage through your bag and found some herbs that stink (why did you leave that in your bag?) but do wonders for wounds.


When you turn towards the couple you see Philippe staring intently at Joana. Must be something on her face you thought. You walk towards the two kids and Joana's face is looking really tense. You are about two metres from them when OH MY GODS. That was disgusting! Yuck! Oh gods… What you saw was so horrible, so disgusting and so wrong that you quickly run off and empty the content of your stomach. It was the scariest thing you have ever seen. Now it is stuck in your head forever…


Result: +5 Stress, Add Memory: The horror,the horror

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I can't say whether Philippe can say no when you master him until we get some more events relating to the use of Mastery or Gates. wink.gif


And to appease you Master Pudding I have added a rejected Exit.

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