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The Topiary Garden 04 stalls the adventure entirely: once you get there, you can't go any further. Time for a Break and failing the Research exit just put you back at 04, and succeeding at the Research exit (Exit 2) has no continue, so you can never go to the Topiary Garden 05 and continue on.


...Surprised that hasn't been reported by now. It's a fun little adventure, so far. :)

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Also, the Morvidus Adventure... Exit 01 gives you Luck, and Exit 03 gives you Strength. Exit 02 gives you... two skill steps in birds and command, neither skill which has that high training modifiers (and personally, I had Birds maxed out by then). It would be nice if you got an attribute bonus from the Birds success, too- it's a roll of 9 versus the other two rolls of 10, but I don't think one point in difficulty is enough to separate 'yay, attribute point!' from 'boo, not'.


Shade Adventure 07b, the rolls aren't labeled. It would be nice to know what the rolls were if you play and failed them so you know what to look for- it wasn't too hard for me to figure out that the 'Heat the coals' was an Incantation roll (though some might think Forge), but I thought 'Fight the Thief' would have been Wrestling or Brute Strength, and was very confused when I raised them to no advantage before I checked in to the tools to realize I needed War. Also, 08b really should be triggered immediately after 07b, I think- else it's like 'I'm trapped in a crevice! ...No, never mind, crawled out for a few days. Wait, no, I'm back in again. Crawled back. It's complicated.'


(I suppose I should fairly note that despite what the Nightmare lord says in 09b, only on the Persuasion success does he take away the tailsman. Though he seems to say he's doing so if you succeed on the Intimidation option (bwhaha!), you do get to keep it. He seems to ignore the issue entirely in Courage. Not sure what's intended, there.)


I managed to get two Maestringers (oh, imagine the chaos that can cause) by failing The Maestringer 06 (which then shuffles you to 06b to 07)- the Maestringer isn't removed in the interrogation failure, only the success.


When it comes to Cheer, you have no option to cheer for anyone but yourself, which seems to go against the fluff text that implies cheering for yourself is a bit odd.


Batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies... it seems to be implied in the description that you should be able to break it up to share, though it may require a Cooking roll of some sort.


Here's a saved game on megaupload. Alianna got Shadeling to Bond 10 two days ago, on the 26th, with two Bond of Iron raises. I have no Gift of the Familiar option under either Ability or Actions, nor any other benefits from getting Bond 10 (if there are any?- I've seen some in the mod tools, but never in game).


Running both Joana and Phillipe's adventures at the same time is oddly... bemusing. I'm not sure if there is a way to reasonably cross them, but things like the 'blackmailer' setting Phillipe up for dance lessons as you try to fool them in to thinking Phillipe really is going on one side while trying to blackmail Phillipe in to going the dance lessons in the first place on the other side leads to me feeling as if my character is an idiot. Even just a few headnods such as 'Intrigue Oh... this must be Joana's plot. Need to make sure Phillipe does (blah) without him suspecting!' might help.

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Thanks! I'll send this along and we'll look at Bond for 56. If those are true values at 10...then something is definitely wrong.


(For Cookies, check your Abilities- I seem to recall it gave you an Ability: 'Break up Cookies' or something similar. I may be wrong about that, though.)


Thanks again!

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Joana's full adventure (at least from 3 up) needs a quick edit: tons of sentences without a space between them and the next one. They're all over the adventure, and in the exits as well. I was trying to record all of them, but it's probably just easier if someone looks and does a quick fix themselves.


I’ve gotten Excitement to trigger with a fully maxed Concentration. It doesn't last even a day, but it appears (though I quickly try and lose it).


Journalism 4 (which also gave me Blackmail 4) said ‘You have learned about Puff Piece’ twice, but Puff Piece never showed up in my lore or my recipes. Suspicious!


Stalking, gotten from Hunting 4, has a ‘you may get Monster info’ on it- just figured I'd record it so you guys don't miss it.


Vettor 8 notes that the Costume Ball for Vettor 9 happens at the Festival of Fools… yet it was already the last month in my game when I finally got around to finishing his adventure. Might be better to just note that a certain rare moon phase is needed without pinning it to a date. Also, during Vettor 9, I intimidated the beard back (and got the recorded point of intimidation), but I still had the ‘Dating. Costume Ball’ as my only option, which referred to the beard as being missing.


I kind of wish there was an opportunity for the character to express a crush or even a desire to be made Vettor's queen. I'm not sure if it would go well (it probably wouldn't), but it might be nice if there was a Manipulative type exit to try and maneuver that. I don't know. I thought the same with Phillipe and Joana's, actually (man, doing all three at once led to me thinking that was probably one weird dance)- Joana would probably be so unamused (though maybe she might spare a single dance or two with you), but options to at least hint at feelings would be appreciated.


Oh, and earlier in the Vettor adventure, at The Perfect Disguise, it seems like the Dedication exit should be an exit, rather then an investigation or else how the beard works should be cut out of that. As it is, it tells you even more then the Conversation exit does, but you still have to go through that or the Negotiate one.

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I've been having hangs- I hit the save (it seems to happen when I'm overwriting rather then using a new one, but that could be bias as I tend to overwrite), and the game just... never saves. You can let it sit for over 30 minutes, and the progress bar never starts- I tried letting one sit overnight last night, and nah, nothing. Only way out is to CTRL+ALT+DEL close it, too, as right clicking it on the task bar and hitting quit/close (whatever it is) doesn't work.


(Rather amusingly, if you close it in the programs tab, while the game appears to close to the eye, the music keeps going and the game still thinks it's open until you go and close it through the progress tab.)


There's error in the Academagia file is:


[Academagia] - [2011-09-02T18:07:04.9288599-04:00] - [Error] - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at Academagia.GameSystems.DateAndTimeSystem.get_CurrentDateTime()

at Academagia.Storage.RootObject.get_NowDateTime()

at Academagia.UI.Views.Calendar.Calendar.LoadWeek()

at Academagia.UI.Views.Calendar.Calendar.Process(IView source, ICommand command)

at Academagia.UI.Views.Scheduler.Scheduler.Process(IView source, ICommand command)

at Academagia.UI.Views.MainContainer.ReloadPanel(IView source, ViewIdentity viewIdentity, ICommand command)

at Academagia.UI.Views.MainContainer.Process(IView source, ICommand command)

at Academagia.UI.Controls.ContainerGrid.Process(IView source, ICommand command)

at Academagia.MainWindow.Process(IView source, ICommand command)

at Academagia.Common.Commands.CommandDispatcher.SendCommand(IView viewSource, ICommand viewCommand, Boolean synchronious)

at Academagia.Common.Commands.CommandDispatcher.SendCommand(IView viewSource, ICommand viewCommand)

at Academagia.UI.Views.Menu.LoadWindow.Worker_RunWorkerCompleted(Object sender, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs e)

at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnRunWorkerCompleted(RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs e)

at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.AsyncOperationCompleted(Object arg)

at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Boolean isSingleParameter)

at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Boolean isSingleParameter, Delegate catchHandler)



All of the crashes are the exact same block. Not sure if that means anything though, as it was force closed from outside.


On the bright side, I've been getting those errors instead and thus haven't had an Out of Memory exception since 1.5.3? XD



Windows 7, have full admin rights, etc etc.

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Sadly, I haven't been able to hit it reliably. It happens just like the old loading crashes did, in truth, save for it's during saving rather then loading (which is worse, but as I save every day, I don't miss much). As soon as I reload, replay that day and save, it's fine. And will be fine for a month or so in game, if not more. Then, boom, save crash. If I do get to the point where I can get it to constantly happen, I'll upload and send it over.


As for my harddrive... well, I suppose I can't be positive. For sanities sake, I just copied my (edited) mod data base and the document where I do the planning and outlining (as well as all my final saves) over to my externail. Usually, losing a hardrive means my whole computer crashes, though, not just one game, and that the hardrive starts making ticky-tock noises. It hasn't done that yet. It could be a graphics card on its way to failure, but I've been running EUIII, Rift, and the Sims 3 without seeing a crash yet.


Though this problem did just start two days ago. Hm. Now I'm worried. >.<

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Ok that explains everything ;) I was expecting a button somwhere else. Thanks.


Edit: the Efficient Resaerch Ability (unlocked by Lib Knowledge 1) does not have a number against which you roll in the description.

Edit: i haven't recieved anything for Calligraphy study level 3, the wiki says relationship with random student but no relationship increased, also no other benefits reported.

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