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Also if you could add the roll difficulty to Question Surroundings description it would be nice.

Correct Pitch would also benefit from stating the number you need to roll.


Sorry for finding so much stuff to do for the team. ;)


Typo: Adventure with Oan - Speaking to Dead Plants - Persuasion - failure

The name of the city Mineta is misspelled Minetta.


Sabotage SP I (Lore), The Art of Sabotage (Lore) unlocked at Sabotage 1 have the same text save for one sentence at the start of Sabotage SP I


You have learned about Fading Ink, Blotter (Ink Compounds 4), but there is nothing about it in my recipies list.

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Hmm- that particular Location only has a 5% Chance of Discovery, leaving aside any increases your Character may have. You have used this Ability across different Days, and you are Reprimanded each time? By any chance, are you Skipping Class to use this Ability?


Let me know, and thanks!

I went ahead and loaded an earlier save, just in case I was under some spell or whatever without knowing, and it still happened, even when I canhed the say, or the time slot, even on a weekend. Only with that particular character, though, and only that action. Bizarre.

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I am having an issue that looks very similar to Mikka's saving issue, but I do have a save that I can make it repeat pretty reliably on.


From my save which I will PM in, if I Study Dialectic 3 times at the V. Library (mastering Dialectic study) the save will fail every time if a random event triggers on the same day. This occurs whether saving a new file or over an old one.


This is on a 3 week old Windows 7 AMD A6-3400 laptop with 6 GB ram and plenty of empty hard drive space.

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Orso Orsi Adventure 5 - intro text


Text switches to italics halfway through and stays that way till the end of the intro.


Bat Adventure 2 - intro text


first sentence: "You're inside Him's office at last." Should be 'his'.


Bat Adventure 3: one of the options doesn't say what skill it uses (but isn't an automatic choice because it's purple).

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I rested with Schwarzbart Weed equiped (gives +1 Stress min) and my Stress droped to 0.

Are there other things that gives Stress Min minus beside having the right Clique Members? Because I only have Ana Falavia, Magsa and Emila P. in my Clique and to my knowledge non of them gives a reduction to Stress Miniumum.

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I got a reprimand for skipping class but there was no detention scheduled oO

Edit: Crazy I got the Reprimand at 3. Cheimare and after a reload it now shows that I got the detention for it at the 2. Cheimare!!!

Edit2: After I got to Monday the Detention finaly apears at Tuesday so only the detention display bevore I even got the reprimand is buged. (And maybe the detention show up a bit late in the timeslot)

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