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Might I convince the readers of this thread to contribute to it, their own list of the best adventures? All the adventures seem good from the point of view of immersion into the game world, writing quality and such. By best, I mean more from a gamey point of view, best reward / least actions.


I just got a character half way, at that point just after midterms where there are six days in a row of no classes. I opted to spend them doing adventures and at the end felt like I had wasted my time. I could have maxed two skills and gotten an additional 50 skill steps on top of that in that time, and instead I had futilely clicked on random adventures that were very slowly progressing... nowhere. Seemingly.

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Depends on what rewards you'd want and the college you go to, of course. Most of the college ones are rather awesome and have some pretty cool rewards and if not that, then at least make you feel as if you accomplished something (and if it matters in year two, all the better)


For example, I always do Uliva's adventure because I really like the idea behind it.



You raise a dangerous pet.



I like Cirillo's because of the last phase of the adventure and the epic implications.



You make a casino and get into a secret society



I can list those I always do that aren't specific of colleges. Oan's, the Captain's (he's my favorite out of the main plotlines), Marc Sury's, Uliva, Cirillo, Ana Flavia, Hector, Herbert, Magsa, Iustus, Reitz (again, epic and one of my favorites) and Sima. The Tower of the Cold Forge is a good tale that will stretch and has nice rewards as is the Watcher one. The familiar ones and the ones that only last one action (Edge of Nowhere, Hearing is Believing and such...and they also get nice rewards).


Why not download the mod tool and look at the ones you want to do?

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Edge of Nowhere, Hearing is Believing and such...

The first two you list are exactly what I was hoping for in this thread. The "and such..." however begs the question; there are more such single action adventures?



Why not download the mod tool and look at the ones you want to do?

Yes, I could indeed spend several hours scouring through some mod tool trying to discern a tiny part of the answer to my question, and I might well be forced to. I was hoping however to create a thread that would both spare me some of that tedium as well as be useful for other people who also don't want to be turned into mod hackers.



Well... Completed adventures will also have effect on your future years. So they might not be as futile as they seem.

That may well be, but if so, which ones? Should we just select some title purely at random and hope that it might someday lead to some other adventure, that we likely will too, select purely at random?


I would add that having one's dueling skills maxed out might 'also' prove useful in future years, or gates & mastery, or all relevant 'thief' skills, etc.. Ample hints have been given that finishing 'research' paths will be important in later years, all of which is incompatible with random potshots at an adventure list.

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The single action ones that I know of besides those two:


Exploring for the sake of ...um...

Carnage on the Fields (new one)

Ylegh Adventure (Magsa's new project, I think the name is)

The Nut

At the Cafeteria

Once Discovered...

Cloudy Skies


The short adventures are Reitz's (you basically do three or four steps then it's uninterrupted), Community Service, Oan...(and I have to think about more)

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Vincent Eins' adventure was completely awesome. It was also fast; I think it took four actions in all. A lot happened, but it happened very fast, with a lot of direct continuances.


I really believe that more adventures should have direct continuances that keep things moving quickly.

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I find the rewards you get from completing the "You are being watched" quest chain to be extremely helpful, especially if you are skipping class alot. It's a four part adventure, if I remember correctly, that is unlocked by getting a 2 in blackmail, but at the end of it you get access to either Shards of flame, a powerful direct damage spell, and Walking amongst shadows, a spell that reduces you chance of detection by 15.


Shards of Flame is tied to incantation and is a duel only spell, which while powerful (-4 vit), is borderline useless considering how often duels happen in year one. Walking in Shadows, however, is tied to glamour and is a no-roll spell, which means it automatically succeeds, allowing you to spam it with impunity and skip classes to your hearts content. It also lasts four days, which means that if you cast it on monday you can spend the rest of the week adventuring or increasing your skills or what have you.


A fair bit of warning, though, the questline requires a fair number of skills to complete properly, including library knowledge, sleuthing and a munch of skills I don't remember right now, which means it may be abit difficult to complete early. Also, in order to get the spells, you need a somewhat high skill(Someone please confirm) in either Incantation or Glamour, depending on which spell you are going for, otherwise you get nothing at all from the adventure.

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Finishing Oan's Adventure-line is worth it in my opinion (Request a Meeting with your Mentor till "One More Meeting with your Mentor"). The smaller sub quests sometimes open up new skills and in particular Oan shows you one of the best shops in town (it's the best place to unload unwanted caramel chews and whatever other random things you gain that you don't have a use for).

If you finish the last one, it gives +1 Int and +1 Ins and you gain the ability Hang out with Oan (-1 Stress, +2 random School Survival Skill).


The following are adventures that I remember as being quick and relatively easy:


The Rumored Tower can be done in two or three steps if you have some basic skills in the four mage schools. It gives you the Sword of Kush and +1 Ins.


Community Service can be done rather quickly. Once it gave me +1 Fit, the other time +1 Int.


Carnage (or something like that) is quick and easy. Gave me +1 Luck.


Cloudy Skies can be done in one step. +1 Fin


Pop Quiz doesn't take many steps, +1 Int.


Exploring for the Sake of - I think it gives you study levels. But the only time I tried it, all my study levels were maxed already.


Bump in the Road - Ring of Sweet Summers


At the Cafeteria - doesn't really need any skills to do if I remember correctly


I also like Scenes from Dialectic Class. They take a few steps but they are relatively easy.



Adventures that you might want to be doing (even though they aren't as quick and easy):

the adventures that pertain to the members of your clique. According to what I've read, finishing their adventure line maxes the relationship level, allowing you to go beyond 10 - though I'm not sure if that is really important.

(there is a list here http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2017 showing the adventures and how they are unlocked)

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