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Character Portraits


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Academagia->OfficalContent->Resources is where the portraits are stored. The character portraits run from 67KB (Emilia P) to 52KB (51 for professors... and the odd dancing skeleton is 50 or something).


Opening the files is the challenge. The two programs I've found that can open them are InfranView (though each time you try, it'll ask you if you want to rename the file to a png, which I gather would mess up the game horribly even if it would make them easier to use... still, InfranView is a free download), and, of all things, Paint (using Windows 7 64x, here). There you need to save it as an actual image file and then open it in GIMP/Paint Shop Pro/Photoshop or whatever you use, or if you do the infranview way, you may be able to just drag the image over to your usual program and work it that way.


There's an Avila portrait base here; we haven't been able to get the circles for the other collages yet. I may have a Godina one somewhere- I'll check that later today.


As to what portrait corrosponds to what character, besides random guessing, this topic has notes on the characters up to L (the first page has some player character portraits and the professors).

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I used the file names given from several other topics here for the character portraits. I believe this is all the possible player characters and students A-L. My computer had no problem opening them with Gimp, but wouldn't open them with paint... I'm not sure why. This might save someone else the trouble of having to go through a million files to find the images. When I get M-Z finished I'll add them as well.



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