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That Lovable Bully Philippe


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I promise that this will be my last event to star that kind bully Philippe, because it is time to move on to other subjects to experiment on.


This particular event is inspired by the Philippe entries in the lore section in the Modtools. I never knew that he could be so articulate.


And if anybody has any idea on how to get those lores in the game, please share.


Pre-requisite: Female only


Sometimes fun things happen in the hallway. Sometimes explosive things happen in the classrooms. Sometimes funny things happen in the common room. Today something really weird happens in the dining hall.


There you are enjoying your lunch when you spotted that annoying boy or energetic chimp Philippe Marchant. He walks towards you, all the while staring intently. You start to get a little uncomfortable as he sits right beside you, never taking his eyes off you. Eventually you sigh and ask the boy what he wants.


"Hi, my name is Philippe. Wanna be my girlfriend?"


Your face burns and your eyes widen as a smiling Philippe waits for your answer. You only managed to splutter out a "what?" before the other students around you giggle.


"Anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes? You know your hair is incredible. And your eyes are just so hypnotising. Want some cookies? I took them from that Cyrus kid. Want me to carry your books? Can I get a portrait of you to hang in my room?"


Something must be done NOW.


Exit 1: Playfulness


Why fix it?




Why not? By Octavius and Isol this is great!


Can you imagine the possibilities with your own bully? Can you imagine what people would do for you to avoid your wrath? You were still considering what to do with Philippe when suddenly someone exclaims from the entrance of the dining hall with a "WHAT?!"


All heads turn towards Joana Lio y Rossollo and she glares at you with the intensity of a thousand suns. In one hand Joana pinches and drags Cyrus Dawes across the floor by his ear, in the other she holds out her wand.


"Fix it now," growled the tiger like Joana and Cyrus hurriedly stuffs a potion bottle into Philippe's mouth.


Joana turns to you as Philippe faints from the potion and throws a spell at your face. But you dodge the spell just in time and it hits a pie a Third year was enjoying. Needless to say, the pie flies into his face and a food fight occurs.


Easy come easy go.


Result: +1 Stress, -1 Relationship with Joana




"Philippe, you think you could get me a glass of orange juice?"


"Of course, your wonderfulness" replies the boy as he bows down gracefully.


"This is going to be fun" you thought and begin looking around for the kids who wronged you before. Vettor Conta in-particular looks like he is about to wet himself.


And just when you are about to call for Philippe, a "WHAT?!" comes from the entrance of the Dining Hall.


You turn your head and begin to worry as Joana starts stalking towards you. The look in her eyes suggests that she would stuff your wand down your throat, skin you alive, cut out your organs, grind your bones to dust, feed you to ghouls and sacrifice you to dark gods.


And then kill you.


When Philippe comes back a plan has already formed in your head. You say "Hug me!" and Philippe practically flies into your open arms. Just before Philippe can actually come into contact with you, you sidestep and push Philippe and Joana together and facial contact occurs.


After a very awkward moment, Joana stumbles out the hall, Philippe is sent to the infirmary with a headache and you enjoy the rest of your meal.


Result: +1 Flawless Timing, +1 Relationship with Joana


Exit 2: Theory of Enchantment


What is wrong with him? Besides the fact that he is in love with you.




As Philippe drones on and on about the many ways he could worship you, you look closely at his face and clothes but couldn't find anything that to give you a clue on how to fix him.


Exasperated, you ask Philippe to just stop and leave. For a moment Philippe looks confused and suddenly he cries like a big baby.


Literally. Philippe is bawling his eyes out and he looks almost pathetic.


The entire situation just got more complicated as all the students around you start giving disapproving looks and Philippe pitying looks. Worse comes to worse as the students start to call you a heart-breaker and an ice cold witch. Sighing heavily, you bend down to the crying boy and try your best to soothe him like a mother and her baby.


After a five minutes of shushing and "there there" from you, Philippe's cries grow louder until Professor Briardi appears and, after a quick confirmation of the second weirdest situation in her life, cast a powerful negation spell that knocks out Philippe but returns him to his normal self.


This situation just made you wish that you will never become a mother.


Result: +1 Dispassion




You start to sense magic when some cookie crumbs fly onto your clothes as Philippe twirls around and around listing the many ways to worship you. From this simple observation, you quickly determined that Philippe has been affected by glamour enhanced cookies. The question is who gave (or was forced to give) Philippe the cookies?


You asked Llarina de Avuel and she points you to Cyrus Dawes. Philippe continues to follow you and begins to spout out clumsy poetry about your beauty and something about mud.


You demand Cyrus to cure Philippe but he refuses because this is absolutely the most hilarious thing he has ever seen. As Philippe hoist Cyrus by his undergarment, you explain to Cyrus that you will tell every first year student that Cyrus has a plan to make Amada Kiffer, Silke Niederstatter and Neta Xemutre BALD. If anyone hears about this, Cyrus will never be safe. Not even under the Legate's care.


And with that you return to your meal and leave a scared Cyrus and an unconscious but normal Philippe in the hallway.


Result: +1 Intimidation




Exit 3: Scouting






If anyone can solve this problem, it is Professor Briardi.


You set off to find the professor with a terrible poetry spewing, clumsy flirting Philippe tagging along. On your way out you managed to hear someone chanting:"…sitting in a tree, C.A.S.T.I.N.G…"


There you are walking through the halls until you reach Professor Briardi's office and find that she isn't there. Then Philippe offers to carry you, not your books, back to your dorm, or if he could get you a drink now or if he should beat up that kid who looked at you funny. It was on the SIXTEENTH time that Philippe ask whether you would like to ride on a flying carpet that you bump into Professor Oliver Storey.


"I knew that I sense a love spell! But I would never expect you to be the one to cast it. And on Philippe too! No, no, no buts."


After Professor Storey cast a negation spell on Philippe, he immediately collapses. The professor then carries Philippe off to the infirmary and has you return to the dining hall.


"Oh come on!" you say as Professor Briardi comes out of her office with a look on her face.


Result: +1 Stress




Right, there is no time to waste. You have to find a professor to cure Philippe, preferably Professor Briardi.


A few students whistle as you take Philippe by the hand and drag him out of the dining hall with you. The situation is getting worse as Philippe starts saying that his love for you is as passionate as your crush on a certain professor.


When you barged into Professor Briardi's room, you see no one. You were about to leave when you stop and listen very carefully as you hear some muffled laughter.


"Professor I know you are in here!" you screamed as Philippe compares you to a goddess.


Professor Briardi and Legate Orsi appear from thin air but you are too frustrated to be surprised. After Philippe proclaims that he is the sexiest creature ever born and is therefore worthy to be with you, Professor Briardi gives him a funny look and casts a strong negation spell on Philippe as Legate Orsi jokes about how desperate some girls are for the bad boys.


You breath a sigh of relieve as you politely leave the office and return back to the dining hall.


Hey wait a minute! What was the Legate doing in Professor Briardi's office making funny noises? And why did the Legate have a smudge on his cheek?


Result: +1 Curiosity




Fuel for the fire.wink.gif

Oh and I challenge anyone to create an event similar to this for Male PCs BUT NO JOANA.

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Hehe naa I think he meant that we might write up a semilar senario for a male character, but not using Joana (another famous bully (who happens to have a crush on Philippe (only the gods knows why))) - but maybe Rikildis or Olivia. Even under the spell of a love potion I could see Olivia's face distorted and she tries to picture the male character as Cyrus and failing. Mehehe.

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