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Ice Rose Wand


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my first adventure!!It is rather traditional like that FireFiend wand's adventure instead of being insanely exciting like the Restless Temple or chaotic insanity like that dispassion adventure.


Needs: Botany above 5


Part 1


When relaxing on a nice patch of flower,you hear a growl behind you.

A thing that is shadowry humanoid with black flame all around it is standing behind you.

Then another voice come up beneath you.

"Quick!" A gentle voice say,"Pick me up and stab the shadow!It's the only way!"

You look under your feet and see a tiny rose made from ice under your feet.

And then the shadow leaps at you.


Exit 1:Botany.Stab quickly!


Wasting no time you immediately pluck the rose up.

Surprisingly it is not cold as you thought and not uncomfortable to hold.

There's no time to waste anyway.You merely point the rose upwards and the shadow leap right into the rose.

It cries faintly and fade,and the rose suddenly grows bigger and become shinier.


+1 Courage,Continue to Part 2



You try to pluck the rose up but you are too slow.

The shadow leapt on your back and you suddenly feel weak.

But as you fall aside and struggle the shadow accidently scratch its hand by the rose.

It cries faintly and fade,and the rose suddenly grows bigger and become shinier.


+1 Pure Luck,-1 Vitality,Continue to Part 2


:lol:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I am a line~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:lol:


Part 2


You are shocked by the sudden ambush.You barely get to take a deep breath when

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