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Aaran is in my clique right now, actually. His portrait looks, well, I'm not sure what the correct word is. I don't think it's "pretty", but, eh..."fitting", perhaps? He looks like he's one bad bully away from suddenly turning into God and pulling everyone in a scripted JRPG tutorial fight. I haven't played through his adventure yet (hint), but I definitely think that kid is going to end up doing something...significant. If not in Y1, than later.

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His adventure is fun, although it needs relationship 5 to unlock - I've wiki'd one path, good luck to anyone else on a run-through in assigning outcomes given the number of phases in stage 1!


Miya's adventure was very weird - it fit her well :blink:


Antonio's is fun, although Briardi is proving something of a killjoy, given some of the adventures my guy has been on with her, she should know that this stuff is practically tame for him!


Louise. Just unlocked, I hope I have time to finish it this game.

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And, for Aaran, you actually don't need a guy- Aaran and Miya are bi, as that needed some representation, too. So they'll be open to both male and female students...


Oh, that's really, really great news! *Dance joyfully*


To tell the truth, while I didn't know Aaran has romance option for girls too, I was in torment whether to beg you, bribe you, implore you to make him romanceable regardless of gender or not. I couldn't bring that up for it might harm your original conception. So now I'm really happy for that. :lol:


In the meantime I've started new playthrough, and completed Miya's adventure.


She was a very unique girl, and her adventure made me laugh a lot. As a big fan of Godina college, I thank you for your interpretation of Godina student as a adventure-loving, cheerful, energetic, and friendship-caring one.


In the last playthrough I usually ran into Aaran's random events, and in this time was Antonio's. He looked to me as a smart, gentlemanly, reasonable boy, and...... also has some dangerous sides. I became curious about his background, maybe it's good time for me to start reading this thread from the start. ;)

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I think she is, in her own way thus far. ;)


I admit Miya is a controversial girl, but I can accept her way of being since her adventure doesn't abruptly end even though I oppose to her or preach her. Her adventure does not compel to follow her offer unconditionally and does not foist a image of PC which I don't want on me. It helped me to enjoy the humor of the adventure.

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Hm, you don't want then Cyrus Dawes as your clique member too, since his ability also decreases Ethics by 2, I suppose? ;)


You can choose which student to add your clique considering of their benefits and penalties, and I respect your dispreference for her as a clique member.

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