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Alas and alack! Or however that's actually spelled. I assumed as much. Poor little Avila, chasing the impossible once again... ;)



Off And Away, from the Carnage adventure – “Ok, professor, I’ll doit.” you breathe- it should be do it,”


On the part before Broken Pines 10- there’s a sentence that lacks proper punctuation or something (I can’t read my handwriting here (...though that's not unusual)), at the part where you’re seeing a feather and falling unconscious.


Random Event Foraging 12 – Maybe the Trolls would be more inclined to trust you if you have the Forest Troll Ring? Or maybe Stone and Forest Trolls don’t get along. Hm.


Katja Needs Help, Character Study success …you think back toKatja in class,


The V Library: Linguistics Section and the V Library: Forbidden Archives are still passive locations with no benefits (save for detention in the later…).


The Clayer Owl Feather uses the hand icon, rather then the normal green bag all other feathers use.

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Assembling Your Army, Persuasion success- ‘So, you begin scouting through (character name) and beyond. I believe that’s supposed to be ‘Collage/Hedi and beyond’.


Random Event Theatre 3, Diplomacy success ‘…didn’t realize you weren’t in He’s class…’


After completing Student Adventure Leopold 1 with the Manipulation success and not getting a continuation, I thought it was unlinked. It’s not, but Student Adventure Leopold 2 looks for you to have over three relations with Lambert, not Leopold! CURSE YOU, LAMBERT.


Eliana’s Escape – Construction, Knots success, last sentence needs a space between which and Eliana’s name.


Random Event Prank 2, Flawless Timing Success- ‘…wall right next to Professor Aventyare and before He can react…’ (The He is linked to Vickery.)



Has Cloudy Skies been changed to have some 'must have lower then (stat)' prereqs? Or is it set to disappear around Veranix? Not sure if it’s a bug or WAD.

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Hunting for Shoes, the, um, Diplomacy success where you go after Malacresta for the hammer… the blacksmith suddenly turns iun to Magsa Nembo, which is a sort of odd turn of events.


Mineta Docks: Loading Station has in the description a bit about the location having an 85% chance of expanding Mastery Methods, but nothing about such a possibility in Take Notes at the Mineta Loading Docks.


Within the Imperial Reserve 04 – although it is probably a very stupid idea, it seems like you should be able to go “Oh, yeah… I think I saw that book. It tried to get me to agree to some creepy pact. I buried it!” to the scary lady.


Having a Holly Day, part of Katja’s adventures- Professor ProfessorKate Badcrumble.


Somehow, through either Random Event Pirate 2 (Concentration Success), Giftgiving for Wells (Curiosity Success), or the Language of Luv (think I did Revision and then Persuasion?), I managed to pick up two study levels of History. All that did was gave me +1 and then +2 relations with fellow students (I didn’t suddenly get the small book next to history or anything), but it was still a bit odd.


Strange Doll 06, ‘…but there’s something about her face that appeals to .’ Then, “I’m getting this from , really. …” Then, So this nixie is planning to trick into giving her all your power?’ Then, “I’ll be company for Pretty Girl, if you like.”- should probably be ‘you’. Then, Himself (Orsi?) claims I do that all the time. Finally, …and you gladly accept the proposal of friendship, but… well… .’


Strategy successes errors- ‘With a fantastic flourish, produce a small gleaming bottle and extend it.’ , ‘shuffle closer, holding it out tantalizingly.’


As a general reporting problem, you get no real reports on Familiar Adventures anymore- the only thing that gets reported to you is added abilities. For instance, when Alice finished her Doll Adventure 06, I got told I got Hypno-Stare, but I didn’t get told about the Gem (though I have it), nor did I get told about the Bond of Iron, Dedication, or Finesse raising for her (I also didn’t get the Finesse raise that Strange Doll 06 says I should, but that might be working as intended). This also, unfortunately, can deprive you of other things… Alice managed to boost herself to Bond of Stars 10 a step or two ago in her adventure, but neither Alice nor my character have ‘The Bond of Stars’ ability that should have been gotten at Bond of Stars 10.


(As an addium: nevermind. ‘The Bond of Stars/Silver/Iron’ don’t appear to be in the game anymore, right? As raising her other skills by traditional means didn’t cause the others to appear, though I did get the Gift of the Familiar with them all at 10. Still, the lack of reporting problem is still there.)


Character Insight’s description could use a bit of a tightening up to explain that it’s a bonus to insight rolls.


Eliana 4 seems pretty hard compared to later parts of it. You need a Luck+Move Silently 18 (then a much easier Glamour roll) or a Fitness+Intimidation 18 to move to Eliana 5, when even Eliana 8 has rolls of 15. It’s a bit subjective, though… I’m probably just annoyed because Eliana and I were friends with Katja, which was killing my intimidate. ;_;

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Cleaning up the music section on wiki, I found (based upon mod base 3):


Perform Music - Harpsichord - description says Violin

Duration of Perform Music - Harpsichord, Lute, Lyre 1, but for Violin it's20 and Voice 42

Perform Music Harpsichord is Skill Perk 10, all others are 11.

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Random Event Negation 5, flawless timing success: an issue with the linking to professor Briardi after the link to (in my case) Els who is hit in my stead.


A very small thing: In the description for 'Visit the Auctioneer's Platform' there is an space before 'Increase Negotiate' in Effects.


Also, in Student Adventure: Piccolet Gleyre 1, the link to poor Piccolet is messed up.

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Wellp, the Piccolet's 3rd has a problem with link as well, I am linked to Piccolet (as I should) but the link is labed as the clique Piccolet is member of.


- The observation investigate has a problem as well, 'perhaps they saw him's stranger' - should be 'his' stranger or even 'Piccolet's' stranger



Not a huge problem but I think there is something odd about the 4th quest, there is a willpower exit, but mine was very low (like.. 5 or so) and the exit was green. Maybe it needs another ten added? :) (Wait, why I am arguing to make these things harder than they are? ;))

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The awesome event 50 (the one with the fish stand ;)) I made with the apology instead, and introduced myself as "I, [character name] of the collage [character name]..." I think (in my case) it should have been of Durand collage =)


Sadly, also a problem with the link in the wrestle exit (success! - finally!) in mister Piccolet's last student adventure part. It again links to his clique instead of his name. - Also a link later, the link is his description rather than just his name.

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