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Manfred, general in training!


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Hello, first time posting after my presentation.

I hope my writing will be ok, English is not my language.

I just finished playing my first character without a clear direction, just to get accustomed to the game.

I tried different activities for him except for crafting, that I felt to be complicated for a first playthrough.

Now I’m starting another student, and I want to do this right.

I am planning for him a detailed story, and I figure that I should ask you (the veterans) which backgrounds, attributes, skills, friends and classes do you think are going to be important for him. Also, I still need a surname so feel free to suggest something :D

The following in nothing but a summary of his story, but I’m sure is enough to give an idea of the character.

Manfred is the kid of a family with a long military tradition. In the past, because now they’re reduced to farmers since at least five generations past. He grew up hearing the story of his more famous ancestor and he’s determined to become a great general, be it at the service of some noble house or as a mercenary.

The discovery of his magical talent has give him the opportunity to study at Academagia and he knows it’s important for a general, more than physical strength.

Manfred is not used to have a great number of people around him because of his previous country lifestyle and I suppose he will not have many friends, but he is not a bad or a Machiavellian guy.

He obviously need to study war and raid (and much of the relative subskills), and maybe history. Athletic will be more an hobby than a study field for him because he plan to lead armies, not to be a first line fighter.

I was thinking that Glamour and maybe Negation would be ideal to make clever ambush or to keep his army safe from spells.

This is just a draft, every suggestion is welcomed!

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When you begin your playthrough can I point you to the roleplaying section for inspiration and perhaps a story? *grin*


While I realize that a general needs more brains than brawns I would still think athletics was a must, but if he wishes to keep it on a hobby level then I'll butt out ;)


For classes: Rhetoric (to give those stirring speeches), Incantation (A must, I think. A general that can't fight back in a one-on-one won't last long I imagine), Negation and Glamour are both really good ideas.

For more non-taught subjects then I certainly agree that history should have a priority, as well as a few subskills in plot, in addition to those you already mentioned.


I'll let you handle the backgrounds yourself, I think you know what you are going for better than I :)


Friends... I don't know,.. most of the kids doesn't seem as focused as Manfred, and those I know don't really move in the order and discipline direction.. Maybe some of the others can give you better aid here. I have yet to play all student adventures, though I am working my way around it (albeit slowly).



Manfred the Spherebear! *cough* sorry.. (btw does anyone recognize that one? ;))


Manfred <of country/city/village>? Maybe the good old Manfred Daleson,.. humm not that.. pretty (though the -son/sen would gain points amount the local scandinavian crowd, likely other places as well!), Morningstar (double meaning - though a bit long and the double M's doesn't work so well..)




Rosevale, Suncrest, Rosenkranz, Goldleaves, Millsen, Sonnehertz, Salleri, Livsfred,.. meh I should do this while I was awake enough to keep the names inspired :) Anywho, hopes it gives ideas, otherwise some names to rule out hehe.


Again, welcome to the forums

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I like Salleri very much (Manfred Salleri gives a very Venetian/Austrian feeling), I think I'm going to use it, thanks for the suggestion!

I'm going for a balanced mix of attributes, all of them at 2, except for luck and strenght.

For the backgrounds I was thinking to take Omen: Shattered Mirrors for the Leadership bonus, History: Famous Campaigners because it fit very well and Deed: a Column of March (hearing the tales of the soldiers have definitively convinced Manfred to become a general).

Manfred's family is rather poor, so no Academy, Apprenticeship or Tutoring for him.

He's going to have a dog familiar very well trained in athletics, he values the virtue of loyalty. I like to think about Ugo (the name of the dog) as his first friend and bodyguard.

For the college, I am oriented toward Godina, choosing Glamour, Negation and Rethoric (again, thanks for the suggestion, I wasn't even considering it). The other three subject of Godina fit very well with a general, except for music (but I can see it as a study of coordination). Unfortunately, this leave out History. The most likely alternative is Aranaz (exchanging Music for History, but leaving out something else).

You sure know the colleges better, but Aranaz seems full of selfish, power-hungry people to me and it's not the case of Manfred that want to become a great general more for the glory and his family than anything else.

The choice of the college is the last step, then I will begin to narrate his (mis)adventures!

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Aye, I wouldn't pick Aranaz for Manfred, while I love the collage it is mostly due to the constant manipulation. They 'may' follow the rules, but you can be sure they bend them to suit their needs.


I'd agree with Godina, or maybe Hedi. Purely rpg wise then maybe Durand should be mentioned, as one of the oldest collages and leading back to king Durand who lead the crusade against the dragons of old. - You'd be hung out to dry class-wise though.


Glad you liked Salleri, it was one of the few names the only name that came across something more southern I realize now. Ah well.


Best of luck and hope you might indulge us with a bit of story telling as he progresses :)

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