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Save Problem

Andrew Leander

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Hmm- first, to make sure, are you currently fully Patched? If you press F12 in the game, you should see: in the bottom left hand corner.


Next, what is your OS?


Lastly- could you please e-mail your Academagia.log to academagia (at) gmail.com? We'd like to look at the specific error, as a save crash is fairly unusual! Depending on your OS, you can find your Academagia.log file in C:\ProgramData\Academagia. ProgramData is a hidden folder by default, so you may need to turn options on in order to view it.



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I've got a similar issue, methinks. Have about 37GB left on my hard drive, so I think thats enough space. I'm not sure when the issue started seeing as I only just started a character which I was trying to powergame using time manipulation (i.e save/load :P). So I crafted my character so that it has 1 fitness, then raise it using the light training route ability, and reload if I don't get the fitness increase. However, once I succeed, I can't seem to be able to save the game. And once I press the save button, I can't do anything, except type in the save namebox and press the save key again (though that doesn't do anything as the save progress bar is still showing and stubbornly empty). Even pressing F12 to check the system version doesnt do anything (Tried that cause I don't know exactly which version I'm on [edit: Just checked, I'm patched to patch 64 and DLC 14]). The music keeps on playing (rather like a surreal videogame-titanic). I've noticed in the Task Manager that memory use drastically dropped from 250MB to 4-5MB then rose back to 250MB (the drop lasted a half a minute, I think). I've looked through the log and notice that this line keeps cropping up:


[Academagia] - [2011-11-29T15:48:54.4920285+00:00] - [info] - GC:WaitForPendingFinalizers.


I'll email the full log as well ofcourse.

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