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Hi! Hope you can help me because i have a problem. I didn't play the game for a while (too addictive...) since in fact the DLC 12 i think (it got something with ordeals). So i decided to start a new game and i installed the latest patch and now each time i check the DLC 14 i have a error message and the game close, but it works fine if i don't check the DLC or if i load an old game. I have window 7 and i run the run as administrator but well it really seems a bug coming from the DLC or did i miss a step?

I would really appreciate if you can help me

Thank you

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If you are in Windows 7, this may be the result of a cache issue.


The first thing to try is to navigate to ProgramData\Academagia and delete the Cache folder you find inside.


That may instantly clear the issue up.


If it does not, I would strongly recommend you try a reinstallation as the next most simple step. If you want to (easily) play your old save games, be sure to keep the bcc folder if you reinstall.


Let me know if this solves the issue!

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At this point, it looks like the SP will be out in March- even possibly late March. We'll keep you posted as to the specific time, when we announce it here. Unfortunately- that does mean DLC 15 will be delayed from this month. :(


Sorry to keep you waiting! :)

So by now this estimidation is off by 2 months , wondering how many months will add to this ^^


Oh and this



Haha, that's a separate project, but it is coming soonish. January? February? We'll see. :)

by even 1 Month more.

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So... no update yet. What about an update on the next update? Or an update about the update to the next update? Just checking to see it's not a case of they're-all-dead-dave. I'm sincerely concerned and not at all asking due to self-serving intrests only, of course. Ha,haha. Um. It's been rather hot lately,don't you agree?

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