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Happy holidays!


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I had originally intended to start this the 24th but I remember last year when I beat the Academagia staff to it, so this year I waited... but I can't anymore - or it would seem silly.


Happy Christmas or whatever else you might be celebrating or otherwise enjoying (or in case you are not then I wish you the best regardless)!


I plot to post a picture of a christmas tree and maybe some photos from the family gathering as soon as my dad sends them to me. I was kind of hoping others might do the same, so as to get an idea of how other nationalities are celebrating or enjoying the season. :)

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Happy New Year, Academagia team (and all fans, too, of course <3)!


I have no odd pictures, this time, but wishing all the best and eagerly waiting for secret-project, DLC 15 and the modbase, year 2, and anything else you gift us with. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings Academagia!


Best wishes to all. :D

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