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Leaning on the fourth wall


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Hello again everybody!


Took me long enough to come due to exams (which finished during December) and the one game I was waiting for right after the announcement.


Yes, it was Skyrim.


Since I am late I may as well say it now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


On to the text.



You're trapped! You're trapped! How foolish you were to follow the little black cat into a special room in this accursed (but wonderful) school that could lead directly into another room full of strange toys from different realms. Now you are trapped between four walls and no windows or doors. All you can see is a crack on the first wall, a little picture depicting fire,ice and lightning on the second and finally a little hole on the third big enough for your finger to fit into.


The wall behind you is empty but seems to be emanating a little heat. Oddly enough.



Exit 1: Bang on the first wall.


Maybe you can break down this wall.


After nearly breaking your shoulders a few times, you sit down and take several deep breaths. Looks like you really have to improve your strength. Maybe when you get out of this room, you will look for Professor Massioti for some workout exercises. Maybe with one of those new weight-lift machines the school recently bought and hardly used.


But for now you jump up and slap your palms against the wall and scream at the top of lungs "Lemme out, lemme out, lemme out!"


And suddenly you are out. You look around and found yourself in your room, on your bed. You lay your head on your pillow in relieve and fall asleep, the strange room already a distant memory.


Result: +1 Voice



Exit 2: Blast the second wall.


You shoot flames at the wall. Nothing happens.


You shoot ice at the wall. Nothing happens.


You shoot lightning at the wall. Nothi… wait! The wall is breakin… Oh wait. It was ice.


You sit down in frustration.


Squeezing your head (figuratively and literally) for ideas, you stand up and take a deep breath. Immediately, you blast the wall with a minor healing spell. And suddenly, you are awake in your room, on your bed, in your pajamas. You feel as though you fell during a dream but you just close your eyes and sleep.


Result: +1 Creativity



Exit 3: Examine the hole in the third wall


Putting your eye to the hole, all you can see is a tinny tiny hole illuminated by little glowing stones around it. Patting your pockets, you bring out your quill and shove it into the hole. Unfortunately the quill is too short.


You would have used your wand but it won't fit in the hole. Feeling defeated you sigh heavily. Taking a deep breath you choose to pull out one of your hair and feed it gently into the hole.


You hear a slurping sound and then a munching sound as the hair gets pulled into the hole.


You involuntarily give out a yelp and found yourself face to face with another you. You blinked a few times and you see your reflection in the mirror. In the bathroom of your dorm. And you are just standing there as though you are wasting time while preparing to go to class. And there goes the bell and NOW you are late for class.



Result: +1 Running



Exit 4: Lean on the fourth wall for a minute


Hang on.


You have to breathe deeply and think clearly if you want to get out of this. Closing your eyes is doing wonders for your body you think. Your thoughts then drift towards the quiz that you were going to ace and on to what you want to eat later.


And then your mind thinks about those funny books with a choose your own adventure style. Maybe your life really is like that. Maybe that would explain the funny things that usually happen to you. Isn't life weird?


Suddenly you feel a knock on your head and find a cook tapping her feet and looking mildly annoyed at you. You look around for a moment and realize that you are in the kitchen. You look at the cook again and quickly scamper off to your room.


Result: +1 Awareness





For Exit 1: Hands up whoever raises the strength of their character during creation.


For Exit 2: Fire, IcE, Lightning, HeaL. FELL. Geddit?laugh.gif


For Exit 3: Be honest, do you daydream during morning preparations?


For Exit 4: To quote Tv Tropes, It Amused Me.

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Yeah.. I remember getting scolded for taking too long in the shower (the shower is the second best place to dream/sleep)


I really don't get the Fell part though,.. but meh, it's late.


Any yep, I like having two strength, though usually it is when I got for those - get all your attributes to six runs. Which is most of the latest I've done :P



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