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Changing a character name?


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Is it possible to change the name of a character halfway through the game?...


Had a few days to my self here before school starts again and truly enjoyed my character. Been trying to get all of Aranaz into a single clique - I wish there was a way to merge cliques though, having to split up 3 Aranaz students only to recruit them seems wasteful.


Anyway, I was enjoying this character when I realized I had misspelled his name! :o I don't think I will use the character for a year2 save if the name is off though, so I wanted to hear if it is possible to change it.

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Ah, I though of a smart way to fix it through the save perhaps (As if things were ever that simple). Please don't impliment it just for me. There are always things I could improve so it is no great loss. (Did manage to get 6 strength pretty early in this play though! So that is something.)

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