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Updated to 1.0.1, fixes the selection of the Doll familiar.


This is an Exotic Familiar Selection Mod. No longer do you have to roll the dice hoping to get that one familiar you like out of the 21-entry random list in the Exotic Familiars table.


Put this AT THE TOP OF THE LOAD ORDER WHEN YOU START A NEW GAME. YES, THE TOP FOR ONCE. Load it "before" the official content.


Three caveats:


1) This mod does not stop you from selecting multiple familiars, since you have to manually add every single mutual exclusion as a prerequisite and the mod tools sadly do not allow quick-and-easy copy/pasting. In this case, the game is quite smart and will give you whatever you picked first, after multiple naming windows (the proper window shows up last). You'll still burn multiple background points though, so refer to the window on the right as you pick your backgrounds to make sure you only chose one.


2) The Legate did say that they were considering allowing you to choose an exotic familiar by spending two points, but they had trouble figuring out an elegant presentation that didn't involve a massive list. You can simulate this effect by selecting your desired exotic familiar, then selecting Familiar Bond: Exotic.


3) I have no idea how this will interact with Year 2 and its background checking. The Legate has told me it shouldn't cause any glitchiness, since they're more likely to check what familiar you have instead of the background.






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Is this mod compatible with the "Saints and Strangers" DLC? I can play just fine with either one or the other selected, but if I try to start a game using both, it crashes with a message that just says "System error occured. Application will be terminated."


I tried reinstalling everything in case I'd messed that up but it doesn't change anything. Any other ideas? :/


(This is with patch 68, but I get the same results with 66. Win7 64, latest .NET.)

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I'm not the author of the mod, but I believe it is compatible, yes. You may want to try running Academagia as Administrator, if you have not already- find your Academagia.exe, right-click on it, and select 'Run as Administrator'.


Alternatively, especially if you have run Academagia under earlier Patch Levels, you may need to clear your Cache. You can find that (in Windows 7), in C:\ProgramData\Academagia. Note that by default these are hidden folders, so you will need to turn options on to view them.


Hope that helps!

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Should I assume that this mod will still play nicely with the new Academagia Touch of Summer/Summer Blush? I'm pretty set on having specific exotics for specific personalities of characters, and there's only so many times I can restart the game until I've lost my patience.

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from the size it probably published as official content instead of a mod what for sure will give you problems as you then have 1.0.1 and the newest game version loaded at the same time.

All of my mods that just add or change a background are a few kb big.

A real mod just apply the changes that was made in the mod while something published as official content add everything from the game version it used as base as well.

Just a tip when your Zoology reach 11 you get a ability to get you a new random exotic familiar so you don't need to spend points on your familiar if you want a exotic one later in the game although for some exotic familiar there is the problem that you don't have the bound adventure then.

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14 hours ago, Metis said:

Assume, no, not with something that was made on such a (now) outdated version of...everything. You can certainly still try it, though. The caveats outlined in the OP will still apply, but that might be it.

Wouldn't the fact that it's loaded before the DLC in the mod order make it still valid? I need to empty my cache to use it, but I've had no other problems with it.

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If you don't do the excluding of the other familiar its a bit of work to add 21 new background but its still possible to do with the mod tools we have.

But adding the excluding of the other familiar once you have select one is something that can only be done with published as official content what means it is limited to a quite dated game version, beside that is far from trivial to be done to have this many backgrounds to be disabled or enabled.

(Metis don't forget that there was 2 familiar added after 1.0 and this 2 familiar are exact the reason I never decided to make a small version of this mod where the autostarted familiar are removed from the random table and instead added as separate 1pt. entry in the backgrounds)

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