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I actual suspected that the exotic familiar reference table will restored to the default in Y2 when a game with this mod is imported so that there is no future problem down the line. Why I mentioned exchange familiar is that this mod have a other unexpected side effect in Y1 beside the intended effect.

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I just tested a game with the Arcane mod (cheat mod) to give me 20 Zoology and 100 intelligence to always suceed on exchange familiars here's what i got.

Each time you use the "Exchange familiars" action, your current familiar is deleted and a new exotic one is added, never repeating. I used enough so i cicled the exotic familars to the point that i had no familiars and could not get a new one from that action. no crash or anything, just rendered the action useless.

So what this mod does on that regard, is if i use exchange familiar with Alice, i delete her and end up with no familiars, not that i would want to exchange the doll on the first place with this mod, but it was good to know how Exchange familar worked

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