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I have always wanted forever and ever a game about a tribe transitioning from hunter-gatherers to agricultural herdsmen and, if successful, inadvertently building the foundations of what will become civilization. I would love to be able to play as an individual in this tribe, attempting to lead and influence decisions towards more mystical, technical, or defensive paths and building alliances with npcs who might share similar goals/strategies. And no dinosaurs! I'm so annoyed by all the caveman games with dinosaurs in them. Maybe (MAYBE!) there could be some rare encounters with smilodons or woolly rhinos or something. Oh, and there should absolutely be a quest to domesticate the village's first cat. And maybe like a silly Amish-themed "raise a granary" quest or something . . . BUT NO DINOSAURS. And, like, you can learn skills to make magical fetishes and super-cute bone-twig-shell jewelry and those really kitschy Venus of Wilendorf idols (so overdone, imo) and carve up dead animals . . . or something. They can be magical hunter-gatherers. I just don't want them to have dinosaurs. Or eight foot arthropods, cuz you could only have those on a planet with more oxygen than ours does now which totally sways the advantage towards creatures without lungs. I suppose you could set it on a planet with more oxygen than ours, but I just don't see mammal-type things being that successful. Well, I'm willing to compromise on the bugs, but not on the dinosaurs.


I've often played the Civ games and thought to myself, "This would be so much better if it were an RPG and just about cavemen." I'm so bored by the time I get to the modern era. There's no more adventure . . . no more fog of war . . . no more . . . roving bands of nomadic cave thugs.


And no, it isn't a kickstarter game. But it should be; that's my point! This game should have been made at some point in the past. But it hasn't been. I weep for the past. Let us not turn to a future famished for such a game.

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This time I want to point to a indigogo.com Crowdfunding.


Sakura River (maker of Infinity Game Works and Fading Hearts) want to make a new game called Don't Save the World: An RPG .

Probably a mix out of Livesim and RPG they promise a huge freedom to the player and because one can get 1 of theyr 2 older games together with the new one for $20 ($10 for just the new one) the risk is not to big.

You can find demos of theyr older games at the Sakura River Webpage.

Here the link:



Edit: Post Megerd to reduce double postings from me


Cult: Awakening of the Old Ones is a other Rogue like RPG I find interesting.

They generate a complet new world at each game start. (Be awear that Oct 2012 is the aim for the Alpha not the finished game)



The Banner Saga have made some infos public about the sending of the goodies. Especial the Video is interesting where they show how many things they have to send out.


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Posted 14 August 2012 - 04:44 AM


For the Shadowrun Fans out there if you don't know it already Shadowrun Online is at Kickstarter and needs help to manage theyr goal with not even 16h left but still $55k missing.

Sure they manage to get over $95k in the last 24h but they are still short.

Here the link:

Shadowrun Online


They have 2 different pay variants either the normal public Free to Play Server or the Campaing Server where you pay only once for the game Content and what will have expansions that need to be payed seperate.


Edit: Wow what a race at the last 2 days they managed to get in over $150k acording to Kicktraq. The $500k Goal was finaly reached ~5h bevore the end.


Posted 03 September 2012 - 04:54 PM


I have 2 more Projects I personal find interesting


  1. Deozora
    Deozoa: Legends of Eden is a RPG where you not only have a Party but each Party Member also have a Pet Monster. As it also have Turnbased Combat and the Pet Monster have different evolution Steps (up to 3) I think its interesting especial because they want to deliver the game for iOS, Android (inc. Ouya), Mac, Linux and Windows.
    Here is the link to the KS:
  2. MORE
    MORE is short for Military, Organization, Research, Economy. This game promise to become a very interesting Space 4X game that is complet Turnbased including the combat in oposit to the latest releases of this genere.
    If you love this genere its for sure wort a look but take your time because they already put up a lot of text even if the just started 2 days ago.
    And here the link:


As it looks right now "Don't Save the World: An RPG" won't make it as they only have ~63h left and not even 10% of theyr goal.


Posted 14 September 2012 - 01:19 PM


The Deozoa Kicksarter was chancled because the team decided to first make a demo and then start again with a lower goal.


For the People who missed FLT and still whant to get it they have now the chance to get it at gog for $8.99 .

Because at the Kickstarter for FTL they asked for $10 to give out the game I don't think its good that they sell it now below this price.

I know that many people think "buying" a game via KS is a risk investment with a chance to get nothing at all and so the price should be lower then it is later at the stores.


Posted 14 September 2012 - 07:13 PM


A other Update Obsidian final put up theyr Kickstarter Project, a isometric RPG called Project Eternity.


Link: http://kck.st/Sl7W7K


Edit 4 Postings Merged into one

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A other Update Obsidian final put up theyr Kickstarter Project, a isometric RPG called Project Eternity.

... 1.1M Funded... with 30 days to go. Finally, some real classic RPG that I can enjoy again. :blush:


Here hoping they will get enough to make another similar to Planescape Torment.

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I recently found out about Pangenic a game that place one in a Steampunk setting where one have to fight mutated animals in turnbased combat.

But one also have to find the time betwean fighting the beast and reaserching new weapons or even a cure for the animals.

So it sounds a loot like XCom but in a Steampunk setting.

They just published a new interesting Update that show some combat gameplay.

But if one what to pledge one need to be fast as this KS ends in less then 1 days.

You find this KS here: http://kck.st/U41IKN


Project Eternity also brought a new update where they talked about the classes what looks like your typical fantasy classes just with a bit more flexibility in every direction. More Important is that one now can also back this project via paypal and the game will translated to German, French, Spanish, Polish and Rusian. Ohh and at the 2.6 Million stretch goal we get a way to creat our own party members.

The link is still: http://kck.st/Sl7W7K


There is a other Old School RPG that showed up yesterday where the Lead Designer worked already on great projects like the Wizardy series and Anachronox.

They even promissed to do 2 RPGs (apearently with the same assets) when they hit the 1.9 Million stretch goal where one can import the party of the other game and have a different start depending on the end chossen in the first.

In theyr newest update they told us the game will be delivered DMR free together with the turnbased combat this might realy get interesting.

But I'm getting uncertain about this KS when I look up the biography of the 2 Leader Designer as theyr more recent carer wasn't this glorious.

(Acording to the germany Wiki Tom Hall left some other game companies in the bad and also was part of some failed games after the big ones mentioned. The lady even only worked as Pen and Paper RPG writer in here more recently past.)

Even so here is the Link: http://kck.st/UaMARD


Update 05.10.12 For the Old School RPG was finaly the setting revealed. They want to do something about a group time/planettravel where one can only take limited suplies with the group but best read by your self:


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Sorry Enharmonic I think this is only something interesting for the fans of this webcomic.

I watched theyr video some time ago and understand nothing and then there is the point they not even have anounced what kind of game it will be only that they somehow will use the background of the webcomic.

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This time someone put up his own Crowdfunding to get the game started ...

For the fans of Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privater ect from the maker of Wing Commander comes Star Citzen.



@Enharmonic Sorry it shouldn't sound that your mention of a KS isn't welcome here, the opostite is true because I'm happy when I'm not the only one pointing out interesting KS. It was just my personal view of this Project you mentioned what I posted.


@Legate yes it already ended but she mentioned it because one still can Pledge but now via Paypal


Edit: Post merged to have less double posts.

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I think Star Citzen where over 3/4 of the goal when I saw the counter at the mainpage the last time. Edit 15.10.12: Was wrong about this numbers its not even 40% by now

For Project Eternity one can now add $20 to ones Pledge to get the first expansion.

(The money of this KS complet go to the development of the game and the Expansion will be paid from the sales after release)

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With so a high pledge that also probably have many addons included I hope you also found the extra $8 for joining The Obsidian Order of Eternity to get a custom forum title.


As soon as the next payday comes around, rest assured; what money I do have at the moment is hovering dangerously close to my emergency funds :blush:




"What will you tell your children when they ask "Where were you on October 16th?""


The ultimate evolution of gaming society. :)


This is Obsidian we're talking about- I'd say it was the ultimate evolution of society itself B)

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Shomehow when I spoted the School for Adventurers Kickstarter I immediatly have to think at Academagia and that I would prever to play a new year 1 game any time over just reading a book about some Students in a Fanatsy setting (even if i.E. Harry Potter 1-4 was a great read I doubt I would read them now with knowing Academagia).

To prevent missunderstandings the KS link is about 2 books!


As soon as the next payday comes around, rest assured; what money I do have at the moment is hovering dangerously close to my emergency funds :blush:

Then its probably to late as it must be included in your pledge for Project Eternity.

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