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Posted 18 October 2012 - 09:49 PM


Good News for people who whanted to pledge for Star Citizen but hold back because of the problems they haved on theyr page, now one also can pledge via Kickstarter.

Here the link: http://kck.st/RXG0Z8

On a side note they already got past $1 million in pledges on theyr own page.


For all who already have pledge on the RSI page there is a $5 Pledge on Kickstarter for a small extra if you pledge there also.


Posted 20 October 2012 - 05:21 AM


Black Chicken Studio running theyr own Kickstarter for a Ars Magica Video Game if you didn't spot this so fare. If one love Pen & Paper RPGs and also Magic one probably have heard about this P&P RPG from Atlas Games already.


Then I know there some people waiting for Hero-U a classic 2D RPG with rich character relationships like Persona


Acording to the last update Shaker formerly known as An Old School RPG will close theyr Kickstarter but it looks like they didn't do it so fare. They also promised to come back with something stronger.


Psted 28 October 2012 - 06:57 AM


M.O.R.E. is in the last 15h and unlooked already some stretch goals with some interesting still on the horizont. So if you are fan of Master of Orion 1/2 or similiar 4X Turnbased Space Games have a look bevore it ends!


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Anyone remember Elite or Frontier? The Developer of this 2 games now want to make Elite Dangerous.

They have running a Kickstarter for this and try to gain 1,25 Million £ via this.

Sadly there is no video and 20£ limited early bird or 30£ sounds to much for just getting a download of the game if they ever manage to create it.

I'm personal pessimistic about this game even if they get founded as I can remember to seeing news that they working on Elite 4 for over 12 years with a news every 1-2 years that they still work on it.

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Anyone remember Elite or Frontier? The Developer of this 2 games now want to make Elite Dangerous.

They have running a Kickstarter for this and try to gain 1,25 Million £ via this.

Sadly there is no video and 20£ limited early bird or 30£ sounds to much for just getting a download of the game if they ever manage to create it.

I'm personal pessimistic about this game even if they get founded as I can remember to seeing news that they working on Elite 4 for over 12 years with a news every 1-2 years that they still work on it.



I am not interested in this sort of games, but it is interesting to see their highest tier sold out and they still have a lot way to go before they reach their goal.


Star Citizen looks pretty good too, but I am not very fond of sci-fi game (or at least ship-dependent one).


If only it is a Mass Effect Online Sandbox or Scifidemagia :(

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I liked Mass effect and even Mass effect 3 though I think that end mission on earth could have been better.

Also in the original ending in ME3 I thought the whole Catalyst conversation was weird and forced, you're face to face to the worse massmurderer ever and seem to be trusting that thing implicitly.


The last earth mission could have had more choices along the way and way to make it feel like you made a difference and actualy did more than kill afew technozombies.

It could be that some of the great earlier parts of the game made the endgame look bleak and subpar.

Maybe it became too much of a shooter and too much on track conversation during the end mission.

Still a good game, though I must admit I was expecting more from it.


I also had a lot of fun with the ME3 multiplayer even though I was a little bit sceptical about adding Multiplayer to mass effect(pre release).

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There was a lot of good in ME3, the ending wasn't part of it.


Atleast they made Shepard ask the Catalyst why he/she should trust it. In the EC that is.

It improved that conversation by a mile but, no, it's still a bad ending but I can swallow it.

And like I said, I was also dissapointed by the london mission where nothing seemed to change depending on your war assets. The radio chatter always seemed the same no matter if you had 1000 or 10000 war assets to assist you.

It was also terribly railroaded.

I do think I would have liked the London mission with a collector base design where you can assign your people to help out on different parts of the opperations and where at least a few of the war assets added to the "stroll" to the beam..


I wasn't a fan of DA2 ending either, I could actualy accept the DA2 ending even though I thought it was pretty bad that the mages went insane no matter what I did or said. I even tried weeding out the bad mages, but no... Not even while playing as a mage was I able to sway them from going blood and abomination crazy... Sigh...


In ME3 I really liked the Tuchanka and Geth Quarrian storylines. Maybe that's because it had player agency. The ending had none.


I do think Bioware has the potential to make good game but they seem to have picked up a habit of bothing their own endings.


Im hoping they will learn from the feedback and think about this in future games. I still like Mass effect as a universe and most of the story was actualy good imo, except for the really bland and not very interesting ending, one that didn't make any sense at the start and only made slightly more sense after the EC.


As for Elite, I really enjoyed it but that was pretty much decades ago. I do think they need to add more than pretty gfx to make it seucessful. Also Multiplayer probably wont be enough either.

They would need more fleshed out factions and characters in the game to give it more atmosphere. People expect more from games these days. Also a whole lot more customizability, maybe a crew and the ability to recruit crew members.

Not sure what they are planning though. While I do find Elite interesting from "childhood" memories I would probably requier more from it.

I would love a free roaming Scifi universe as long as it's got some content and heart. Most of the sims/space sandboxes I've seen tend to be a little bit too empty.

Having the ability to mod a game would also be nice imo, though not nessesary.


DA2 was an ok game though it got a little dissapointing to find out that most characters are better dead as soon as possible... If you got the option to kill the poor beggar then kill him!! Because he will likely go bad and do something bad no matter what you say or do.


Generous noble? Kill it! It's trying to trick you!

Someone being nice? Kill them before they go bad on there own and kill someone you might care more about!


And yes, I did a lot of complaining at the BW forums about ME3. Didn't complain about DA2 though, but I can't say I feelt the endings did either of the games justice. It's probably the same problem the endings get railroaded in BW's games to make it easier to create sequels.


Sigh, I liked ME3 but I really didn't like the end gameplay, hordemode plus a weird railroaded ending. And no attention to war assets or differentiation of the end mission, they didn't even bother to modify the radio chatter in the back ground.. Couldn't they have added, the geth are reinforcing us! then a few secodn s later the geth are getting slaughtered, we need to retreat to a more defensible position!

Chatter about Krogan, other reinforcements maybe. It would have been the minimal level of War asset recognition.. Personaly I would have loved to come across a small team of mixed war assets who are bunked down remnants of wiped out squads that represent the different factions that you recruited. Maybe the roleplaying option to give them some medigel to help them out.

Maybe destroy some Reaper command and control indoctrination devices along the way to disrupt them a little.

Actualy doing more than just shooting Zombies and reinforcing the mission that you managed to bring the galaxy together to accomplish this.

After all that's pretty much what you have been trying to do since ME1, warn the galaxy and make them prepare and fight together for their mutual survival.

As for the catalyst conversation I can accept the notion that beggars/dying people can't be choosers however it wasn't a very interesting ending imo. I'm not asking for a boss fight, but it feelt a little cheap. And the mission before that was cheap. So when I completed the game my first idea was, was that all? It doesn't feel like completed the game. But it was late so I went to bed.

Then over the next followign days I couldn't shake the nagging feelign that I didn't get a real end game for ME3. While still just a game I realized I feelt dissapointed, so I checked the BW forums and realized I wasn't alone, and added to the quire... If thats the right word :P

It's hard for me to see how people who made the Tuchanka and Quarrian/geth storylins could botch the ending so utterly. After all the endings are very important it's the last thing payers do in game, their last chance to satisfy their customer. They probably lost a few customers but im hopeless so I'll probably by the next game... There are also those who are happy with it ofcourse. I don't know any of those people though. My biggest disliek was bad storytelling, or maybe lazy story telling, I realize it's a biggame to make and that it might be hard to make it perfect towards the end but it feelt like they didn't even try.

That random turret shooting in the FoB had no mission parameters, no soldiers to protect, the soldier stnadign there could have handled the turret, or they could have added one or tow survivors from the crashed transport for the player to keep safe, maybe they coudl have had critical intel. That way that event would have feelt more justified. Now it was just shoot a fish in the barrel. Even if that soldier standign there had been killed it woudl have made more sense, you filled a gap in the bases defences and then got relieved. So, yes, the end game didn't make sens and seemed rushed.. I must stop this now... Icoudl go on forever... (I'm not a game hater) :unsure:

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It's weird how you can like a game but really dislike the ending that much. And I think it's mostly because it was based on a bad idea.

Im not sure what the writers were thinking tbh, how can it be entertaining to pick between bad or worse options, and in the end give in to the enemy that you have been fighting. I can understand the peopel who in the EC picked refuse and let the whole galaxy die even if it's a bad pick. Simply because it's like they have lost already, the nememy is giving you the ultimatum. Submit or DIE! But you will likely die anyway... Just saying.


I don't care that much about the Shepard dying part, but the fact that there is no win beyond what the catalyst offers. At the same time building that crucible would have been pointless if a conventional victory would have been possible. But that reminds me... On my first play through when the Crucible was first introduced I feelt it might bea bad omen... I was worried about where that thing would take the story, but I trusted Bioware for some weird reason. Then when I reached the end I asked myself, was that all? And went to bed, 1:30 AM.


To be honest the game had several good moments but the ending wasn't one of them, it was just dissapointing.

Maybe they created an enemy so powerful that when they reached the end they couldn't come up with anything better than letting it win and granting the galaxy it's blessing (through concent of the master of the reapers) to keep existing. :wacko:



Sure things like that can happen, the good people win, the bad guys repent or turns out to be weird people who tells you, we win again, but were tired of this... Ok, you may win, it will probably be ok no matter what happens. We were right all along and were still right but were done killing you over and over and over millions of times. You people bore me to death! You get to live, toodles!


I'm not sure how that makes a good ending or how that fits the rest of the story that's been told over the three ME games I've played.

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"It's weird how you can like a game but really dislike the ending that much."


That's exactly how I feel! But, in the interests of *actually* performing my duties as moderator, this discussion will need a new thread. If you want to keep discussing it, stick in Academagia General, or just pm me. :)


Too bad there's no ME KS. :)

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  • 2 months later...

Initial I didn't intent to write about Wildman as it absolut didn't catch me but the RPS article brought up a point where I even think a kind of warning should be posted.


When I understand this Article right

link: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/01/16/chris-taylors-180-bigger-equals-better-flawed-thinking/

They plan to write a own OS under what this game will be running oO.

So we either have 2 OS run simmultan or have to boot up with theyr os just to play this game, both things I dont think that will be good.

Then they aparently also hope that the KS for the game get them enough Money to develop this OS and so only a limited part of the money of the KS will go toward the actual game!

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A little update about the newly 'reviving' Black Isle studio.


So it seems only two of the original member Mark O'Green and Chris Taylor are in it, and they want to have a kickstarter to kickstart their studio so they can start another kickstarter to kickstart their game.


Some say this is the most scammy abuse of kickstarter using a studio's reputation ever, and some even call it Fraud.


Oh and they have the Worst PR update I ever seen.


Highest rated comment: "I have no idea what the intention was of this update, but it made sure you will never see a single dollar from me."

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Oh, Black Isle. Why do you do this to me. I want to support you so much, because you made my favorite game of all time (Sorry, Academagia- you're far up there too, though <3), but... that is ridiculous.


Can't support that. Not crazy. Mostly, anyway.

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Argh, that's terrible. And yet...like Mikka...Black Isle is one of the all-time greats.


Knowing the cost of business, too, it's not unreasonable what they request (nor is it really outside the spirit of KickStarter to begin with, I would say), but it does feel...awkward? :)


Edit: Ugh, the presentation on their site does feel a little...grasping. I'll pass this on to the Team, though, see if anyone wants to kick it. :)


Edit2: And the comments. Strong, strong feelings going around.


Edit3: Argh, their PR update smacks of arrogance. I understand their point, but...:(

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This talk of the cost of business... It reminds me of a daydream I have.


It almost wants me to find some a place somewhere in very shallow international waters, and raise up the land to above sea level, and promptly claim it as a sovereign country in and of itself. I would call it 'Freespacia' :D


Freespacia would be founded as an independent city-state, and would endeavor to:


1. Completely Revamp or eliminate ~90% of copyright/patent laws.

2. Have a minimum of government. (No postal service, or anything that could be reasonably done private sector)

3. Outlaw fractional reserve banking.

4. Focus on libertarian ideals. (Almost anything would be allowed that didn't take another's life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness)

5. Rely on the Swiss model for military defense.

6. Keep taxes to a minimum. (So no subsidies, or "foreign aid" or crap)

7. Draft the politicians like Jury duty.

8. Keep Silver and gold as currency.


Ah, pipe dreams... :(

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I'd like to take this moment to say that while in theory the idea of 'Rapture' sounds nice, but in fact it is a failure for a number of reasons.


I won't go into all this too overboard, but Freespacia would differ from 'Rapture' in several key aspects.


1. It would be on the surface, not under several leagues underwater, so..

2. It would not be a secret. People would come and go as they please with no BS like in Rapture, and as a result,

3. It would allow the free exchange of ideas without penalty.

4. This is important here. It would not rely on authoritarianism.


Some might argue that Ryan didn't have a government, perse. But he was still very much a dictator. It's hard to tell because the focus of the bioshock games only give pieces of the puzzle, but I bet no one in rapture even had private property, save for the odd personal possessions. Rapture was Ryan's Land and you still had to listen to his rules or else. It's very socialistic if you look at it that way. Freespacia wouldn't be that way. :)

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Days of Dawn is up fo a other try at Kickstarter.

I think the aproach to magic they plan for this RPG is interesting and at last to me not known to be found in a other RPG so fare.

Personal I didn't understand what went wrong with theyr first try but hopefull this time they get enough money together.

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