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Where am I?


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Okay, so I did a save right before the end of Kaliri. A few days later, I picked the character up again just to "finish her off" so I could start a new game.


Suddenly, I find myself in Kapsus and then on to Theriventus, and apparently it's business as usual....I'm still in the same classes, so it's not summer vacation (unless I'm in summer school somehow?)


And the Adventures seem to have gone wonky.......I'll start an adventure and succeed at the first round. When I go to the second round and complete my day, the adventure never happened, and I get a did not succeed at adventure, and it goes away forever.


Am I in another dimension?

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OOOOh, do I win a prize? :rolleyes:


I think I'm using DLC 13 (is that Saints and Sinners) and I'm using patch 68. I think she was created after the patch 68 install. I didn't know there was a DLC 14?


Another weird thing is that when I finish with Theriventus, it pops me back at the beginning, and I get the letter from Gera stuff again (think I must have tossed the original one at some point). So, it's like deja vu all over again.....I'm back to Athonos but it shows I've already completed it.


Oh, and I'm not using any Mods (I don't even know how to!)

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Well, you definitely do win a prize for most interesting bug! :)


DLC 14 is Saints and Strangers (Patch 68), so you are definitely current, and it sounds like the Character was created after you installed the Patch- which is very strange indeed!


I'm not sure how you got into this state, but do you recall anything in particular you were doing on Kaliri 28? Your original save, I presume, was from Kaliri 25 or so?


Let me know, and thanks!

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