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Cliquemates forming their own cliques


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I gotten Isabeau and Zoe in my clique, and went to befriend Lambert. saved my game and quit, I started it up, and noticed I wasn't getting Use Notes, so I checked and noticed the girls are in their own clique called A-listers or something. No notifications of them leaving my clique and their relationship levels are still pretty good.


Any idea why this happened?

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It's likely that you were the victim of infighting- even though they like you personally, if they do not like another member of your Clique (or even each other), the Clique might split into two. In Year 1, the reporting for this is almost non-existent, unfortunately.


Your best bet to prevent this is to make sure that members like each other through liberal use of Gossip, before you add Students to your Clique. You can check the Relationship values between Students by using the Gossip Action as well.


Year 2 alerts for this are much better- sorry for the confusion!

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