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End of Year Crash.


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So near the end of the year, the save game issue became so bad that I had to save every day (and it would sometimes bug out anyway). At two weeks away from the end of the year, I just bit the bullet and went to finish.


However, at the very last answer i.e. "You'll Miss Academagia" I got a Windows error box, "Error Occurred, Terminating Program" or something to that effect.


On a completely unrelated note, the spell from the "In Search of a Spell" line of adventures - the one that uses Bully hair - is a bit odd. It increases wrestling by 4, but also DECREASES it by 3.

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Thanks for the report!


For the ending crash, I would not be too concerned as that Story actually begins Year 2 (so you'll have the chance to redo your answers from your last save), but we'll investigate the crash itself. We ourselves haven't seen it before, but there may be something new there.


For the Spell, we'll review in DLC 15- thanks! ;)

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