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Family Heritage: Gates

Scheherazade, Empress

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So, after I got over all the failure to save issues on Vista (it still happens to me as of last night, which burns), I decided to play again. I applied patch 68 and created a new character, fully intending to become a gates' master, so I clicked on the family heritage which allows me to meet Euneycia.


Unfortunately, after following my parents' instructions, nothing happened. No adventure where I meet Euneycia.


Has this happened before? I've been off the forum, so yeah...

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Odd! I just tested it, and it appears to be working correctly. There may have been a change since the last time you did it- after using the Ability to follow your Parent's instructions, you need to start the Adventure 'The House in the Bog.' Do you not see that Adventure in your list?


Let me know, and thanks!

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