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Boredom while studying makes you do strange things. And Academagia could use a theme song.


Anybody played


Anybody heard


Then enjoy this. tongue.gif



Put on a bathrobe, and do some essays.


Get points in skillsteps, and level up your abilities.


Will you pick Incantation, or Revision?


Don't pick Gates, because


It's fairly illegal.


It's a simulator, and a role-playing game.


The events are funny, and the professors are mad.


We're not the same Black Chicken that tears up your clothes


But make us angry,


and you will suffer.


We made a sequel, but no details were given.


'Cos we are working on SECRET PROJECT,


And having a vacation.




I only played the original Deus Ex a few years ago, then I enjoyed Human Revolution.


And now I challenge others to come up with something better.



Obligatory promotion: Artemis' story will continue soon after my exam(s) next week.

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Played Deus Ex as well, only a year ago or so when a friend of mine first heard that they were making a sequel. (Because Deus Ex 2 doesn't count)



Legate: I HOPE not!



As for the challenge.. meh, I am swamped at current, but will keep it in mind for when I hear a good song. ;)

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