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So after completing several runs of this, I realized I never really touched upon items that much. While I *did* occasionally receive items through random events and adventures, I've never really created any and rarely bought any. I don't bother with correspondence (And usually take black sheep); even then Pims didn't really serve that much of a purpose.


Is it really worth learning artifice? I mean, getting recipes seems to be a crapshot, and getting the items for those recipes seems to be an even bigger crapshot. I can certainly think of better uses of my time than spending several turns to create one inconsequential item.

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Artifice/Crafting is not wort it at all in year 1 because even if you just need Common Material for it its to much of a hassle to find the necesary materials in all the shops because even if you find a shop that sell it you could just get one pice of this material from the shop for the complet year.

To put it blunt its the shoping system that would need a complet rework bevore Crafting become resonable at all but I think that will hapen in year 2 because then there is also the seperat Artifice class.

(I realy hope the shoping system will get a rework to a system like it works in TES in the background)

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