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"Familiar" actions


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In year 2 it would be nice to actualy feel like your familiar is with you or that you're able to send it out on missions like, patrol (look for danger or events)


Espionage- spy on rivals and gather intel on what they are planning so you can twart their malicious sabotage or bully plans.


The closer you are to your familiar and the more skills available the more it can do for you.


And perhaps a few more event's involving your familiar, maybe the familiar needs/wants something..

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These are also requested by your fellow Academagians, and in Year 2 you will have some additional actions, as well as needs/wants for your companion. ;)


I'd settle for being finally able to cast many of the beneficial spells on them... :P

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I *think* you'll be happy with the new system. :)



Thanks! It just gets annoying trying to complete the adventures that are written from the familiar's perspective to go through phase after phase of all purple options. This is especially true with the rather limited (but recently improved) familiar training options. For example, if you want a specific option for story purposes it can take days worth of training to get through, or extreme save scrumming.

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