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Curing Poisons?


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... actually? Any chance that the Team might make Slightly Queasy resolve by completing the Upset Stomach adventure? (Either exit, of course...)


You'd need to re-trigger the Adventure's availability if it came up again, but it would be cool & maybe appropriate.


EDIT: Come to think of it - has anyone TRIED completing The Upset Stomach while Slightly Queasy? If these evil devs hid the antidote there...

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I don't know, actually- my memory on that is hazy, to say the least. But I do remember at the time Slightly Queasy was being discussed, the antidote was also detailed. :(


Legate - I get it... but is there any chance the antidote might have been planned, but not made it in? From out here, it looks like (what with the absurd scale of the game) things occasionally get disorganized enough to end up dropped by accident.


I do hope your team has put together a more useful database system for Y2... something with an actual search feature, maybe? It would have made this much easier to answer definitively...


Regardless, Rest will fix it soon, and that's good to hear. Kurt will no longer be the bane of my existence and/or the cause of all my save-scumming.

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There *is* an antidote, if I recall correctly. But it really should end after Resting. :)


This would be great, except last I checked Potions aren't equipable (and thus can't be used)...

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