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You know, Red, I really couldn't tell any difference between the answer you found satisfactory and the previous two. I think perhaps it wouldn't have hurt to have rephrased your question. Perhaps asking why the previous answers were lacking would have been a bit more productive.


I'm just saying this because you did come off as a *tad* bit agressive. :)


I meant no aggression. Well, yes, I was getting a bit out of self control, but that's exactly because I was getting progressively stronger feeling that my question is being dodged.


First answer doesn't even mention which relative part of content requires Y1 "history".

Second DID have almost the same wording like the final, but it had it along with "old Characters will have the benefit (or, as sometimes happens, the drawback) of having experienced the Y1 content, depending on their completion, success or failure. That can change the Adventures in terms of their starting point, endings, or branches along the same- sometimes subtle, sometimes fairly dramatically, depending." which made me question whether "almost all content accessible" accounts for all the "sub-content" like "starting point, endings, or branches" or only for plain simple number of accessible adventures.

Besides, it sounded a bit like "choose your own answer" kind of response.


You know, how they say, a fool doesn't think before speaking, a wise man thinks before telling, and a politician thinks twice over, before "not really telling you anything". Well, that's the kind of answer I meant.


Well, the third answer, came after I called out the sub content as a viable measure AND it actually sounded like something you'd get from someone trying to be informative. (again, no personal offence meant)

So yeah, "this is my answer"... "At least at this time". :rolleyes:


I'm not entirely sure myself- I think the original intent may have been Pheme enchantment, but I am not sure.

So these are redundant I take it? In this case you might want to keep 'em in mind for the next time you go fixing typos. Just saying.


Nope, questions are good! :)

Answers are better, so for what it's worth, thanks.

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Its already confirmed that some Adventures of year 1 won't be aviable in year 2! So my personal expection is that at last some Adventure chains are blocked for new Year 2 Player chars or at last are complet different from what a character expirience who did do the year 1 part.


I didn't jsut stumble on a book... I stumbled on more than oen creepy book and a staff and other proscribed crap that's join my hoard of odd curiosities.


Useful or no, they might cause problems even if Idon't do anything.. least I got a feelign that might be the case... Since it would seem at least 2 if not more of them has got some creepy and slightly evil people looking for them.

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I got a few truly epic characters who, if they keep that up will become incredibly powerful, for better or worse. None of them are evil or has shown any less socialy accepted behaviour.. They pretty much well liekd by most people it would seem... except maybe the peopel who got upset with their medlign or theft of proscribed books and trinkets...


Though I guess... At the same time, sticking out and surpassing all other students and leaving them in the dust is bound to catch some attention.

I bet a lot of people will try to use you, other will fear what might become of you... It's usualy the bright and promising ones that goes astray since they go seeking futher challenges when nothing else remains for them.


Bessia for example has the perfect cover.. Who can be afraid of that clumsy girl. (Bet she's a demon trying to hide her true skill levels!)

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Bessia for example has the perfect cover.. Who can be afraid of that clumsy girl. (Bet she's a demon trying to hide her true skill levels!)

From what I've gathered from her story, I'm fairly sure that's an incorrect analysis, but there are others who might be somewhat closer to that...

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If all else fails, at least you can open a kickass curio museum. That's one of my character's contingency plans if the warmage/assassin/thief/smuggler thing falls through. As for the demon in disguise (or at least illegal magic user) I have a few suspicions of my own...


How much of a double-edged sword are we talking about here? From my calculations, some of my characters have over 5 Glory. Ooooh will they get songs written about them?

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I doubt you'd get any songs that you didn't write yourself, but I think you might get some attention in what passes for the daily newspaper in Mineta!


My money for most likely candidate to do more than dabble in illegal magics is Lambert Cobo ("I found this spell that'll save your ghost!" Pamela: "THAT'S GATES!!") That still cracks me up. Way to go for subtlety when talking about magic that can get you killed. Although I suppose Pam doesn't have to worry in quite the same way!


By the way, Legate, can you tell us if Pamela lived in a preban era or not?

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It was pre-Ban. :)




Glory comes with some negative elements that can dramatically affect the attention paid to your Character. I don't believe 5 is considered to be excessive (I think up to 10 you are safe?), but I could be wrong- I don't think that's been set yet, actually. Beyond that threshold, increasing scrutiny is placed on your Character...:)

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Ohh so this means that the caracter get so much into public view that it will get harder and harder to keep his "illegal" items hiden or in extrem cases he even get detention when his clothes not exatly match the requirement of Academagia?

(I suspect that at last some of my chars will break this excessive glory barier easy)

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That's... INGENIUS!!




No seriously! It makes perfect sense that an overachieving character that EVERYONE can recognize on sight would have a harder time getting away with certain things. I just hope that ther's something a bit more positive in there too besides CoS or else I'll be looking for a way to remove it! (My calculations have me at maybe 5 or so also.)

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That's an unknown right now- if you still have the mod, you probably will be able to transfer your game forward, though. We'll have more details on that as we get nearer to release.

Pardon me for hijacking back the thread, but how much uncertainty are we talking about in here?

For example, the exotic familiar mod adds nothing special to a character in itself.

It technically adds a number of backgrounds, but in essence those don't have any effects that are not otherwise reachable.

What would happen to characters with such a mod in their "universe".


Which level of the conflict may cause trouble?


1) Will the system be able to simply strip the character of unrecognised data and pretend that "this data didn't happen"?

2) Does the addition of entries in itself disfigure the database to the point of resulting characters being unrecognisable without extensive effort?

3) Will Y2 mod be able to retrieve the data from Y1 mod if it knows that to look for?

4) Does the addition of entries beyond the mod's knowledge disfigure the database to the point of the mod being unable to find and retrieve his ancestor's data?

5) Should a pair of Y2 mods be able to cope with the above if the above is the case?


Anyway, feel free to get back to poking legate for spoilers/revealteasing the players.

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If I can get the CCC into the game before Y2, I'll be happy. I've already started on it, but due to the way I'm writing it this is going to be a very long and detailed adventure. :(



I've already made up 3 new locations, complete with descriptors! At least 3 new items will be generated, and there will be lots and lots of cake. Which actually brings to mind an important question. Can a Geas be broken? And if so, how? The adventure depends greatly on this.

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How powerful are we talking here? A powerful third year Negater? Any professor level? Orsi or Briardi level? And by "how it was created" do you mean the circumstances surrounding the formation of the geas, or the specifics on what the geas is forcing on the subject.


Also, are there ways to determine if a geas is broken by the one who created it?

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