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How does one use Beauregard's Anvil?


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I've just acquired Beauregard's Anvil, which seems like a rather wonderful object to have... except I can't figure out, for the life of me, how to use it!


Enchant +5 is useful for so many things... how do I go about making use of an Anvil?


I've never obtained it with one of my own characters, but have you tried putting it in the character's miscellaneous slot?

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Bah! Bad news: this one is a relic of an older Crafting System, and isn't meant to be used, but 'deployed' at a Location. We'll get a rework in for DLC 15, but the grim news is that whatever change the Team comes up with will require a new game to see. :(


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, though!

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Hmf, if Crafting isn't actually in the system, then crafting-only items are now on my StripMod hitlist.


Crafting is in the game! Just not well implemented... it takes a third of the day to go to one shop or use one catalouge, so gathering materials burns a lot of time; some recipes have multiple steps that each take a third of the day, so that can burn a lot of time; and so on and so forth... However, this item is apparently broken and useless so it's no loss to strip it out.

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