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But it is so tempting when they keep talking about Gates...


Random Event Student - Oriabel

Main Text:

It's a little bit after the end of Astrology for the day, and you and [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Oriabel Sidot had been planning on taking a short trip into Mineta for candied apples and cheap books full of ghost stories.


Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Kate Badcrumble turns out to have had a different idea for how you spend your free time. She politely asked [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Oriabel Sidot to stay after class, and encouraged you to do the same. Then, once the room was empty, she began to talk. And talk. It's been almost half an hour now, and the point of the entire monologue seems to be either "[Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Oriabel Sidot, ghost research is Gates research and you'll be chased down in the streets by howling mobs if you keep it up!" or "Ghosts are creepy and unladylike."


Either way, [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Oriabel Sidot is being encouraged to find a new hobby - and you, apparently, are expected to help keep her on the straight and narrow.


Now, for your own part, you're not sure whether this is funny or just irritating, but [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Oriabel Sidot's new little eye twitch seems to suggest she's right on the edge of boiling over with outrage. Which would probably be bad.

Exit 4: Gates. Uh, you are a highly corrupting influence... (Automatic Success / Require Gates Informed)


You silently trace phemes under the desk, preparing the very kind of spell Professor Badcrumble is hoping Oriabel will never cast. Hopefully, a handsome ghost will be distracting enough?


"Professor! There is a ghost behind you-"


"Why, hello there, my lady..."


Oh. Looks like you don't need to summon one yourself after all. There's already a handsome, smiling ghost standing behind the professor.


"My lady, your hair is like strings of chocolate hanging off a bread..."


Uh-oh. You should probably get out. And drag Oriabel along with you. To avoid the inevitable ethereal violence.


"Your eyes, they are like a broken emerald..."


Right. You are almost out of the door...


"Your nose is like a mushroom on a desolate wasteland..."


You slam the door firmly, and just in time - you catch a glimpse of a very mad Kate Badcrumble trying to disintegrate a ghost.


"This is great! We should lure Professor Badcrumble to this classroom again!" Oriabel beams at you.


You firmly refuses and take her to the bookstores instead.


Random Event Student - Grainne

Main Text:

An infestation of some kind of fire beetle has closed down all the dorms and half the classrooms. In a perfect world, that would mean you'd be free to wander around Mineta or sleep under a nice tree or somesuch, but in the world you've actually got you and your fellow students are all being warehoused in the Great Hall until the beetle menace is banished. You're sitting with your back to two girls from Aranaz - [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Grainne Inneith and [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Emilia Strolin - and you can't help but hear them whispering.


"What I heard," says [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Grainne Inneith, "Is that [Character]Character/Self cast a Gates spell, and summoned the bugs here to distract the teachers."


Oh, good. Talk about you and illegal magic. The kind of rumor that gets a student in an Instructor's office for hours of interrogation. Just lovely.


"No!" [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Emilia Strolin gasps.


"Gods witness me! I mean, they'll never prove it - [Character]Character/Self is too clever for them - but that's what I heard. They say [Character]Character/Self's looking for a hidden treasure under the school! From, like, the old Empire!"




"I mean, I don't know, but I believe it. Have you ever seen [Character]Character/Self when [Character]Character/Self thinks nobody's watching? There's something going on there."


"I know!"


"You people do know [Character]Character/Self's right behind you, right?" [Character]Character/Opposite Gender/Random Opposite Gender (Default) interjects, from a couple of seats down.

Exit 5: Gates. Why, they are totally, completely right!


Taking care not to be seen, you gate a Friendly Fire Beetle under your chair and shoo it towards [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Grainne Inneith.


The Beetle lands on [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Grainne Inneith, giving her forehead a friendly nudge.


[Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Emilia Strolin's eyebrows rose.


"Wait," says [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Emilia Strolin, "how do I know if you are not the one actually casting a Gates spell? You seems to be awfully friendly with it!"


The Fire Beetle gives Emilia Strolin a good sting on the head.


"I totally believe you are incapable of casting Gates, Grainne," [Character]Character/Opposite Gender/Random Opposite Gender (Default) says, scrambling away from her.


Well. That's that.



Taking care not to be seen, you gate a Ineffectual Doppleganger right behind [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Grainne Inneith, commanding it to proclaim Grainne Inneith as its master to shift attention.


The Doppleganger lasted all of two seconds before disappearing.


"Maybe I am worrying too much," says [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Grainne Inneith. "If [Character]Character/Self is indeed so fearsome, it wouldn't just be fire beetles."


"What, you want [Character]Character/Self to summon a dragon to swallow us all?" [Character]Character/Selection/Aranaz/Emilia Strolin hisses.


Random Event Student - Olivia

Main Text:

You're walking from class to class, minding your own business. Naturally, that puts you right in the middle of somebody else's fight. Something swoops from above, only just missing you, and then vanishes.


"Get down!" [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Olivia Solari shouts. It's probably good advice, but you ignore it and pull out your wand. This hallway has gone very dark, and it sounds like the creature that attacked you is crawling around on the ceiling.


[Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Olivia Solari was fighting it before you got here. She's trying to act unconcerned, but she's bleeding from some kind of wound to her forehead.


"They don't like ice," she tells you. "Not that that's incredibly useful at the moment, but you never know."


She knows what it is?


"Some kind of vulture hag, I think - this is the third one I've had to fight since the start of the school year. It's a bit tougher than the rest, to be honest. Stupid as the third place winner in a two-man town fool contest, but hard to rattle."


"Spite-witch," a voice croaks from the ceiling. "Hex-child! We know you! We will not just take the boy now! We will break you a thousand times!"


"They're boring conversationalists, too," [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Olivia Solari judges. "Very poor quality of monsters in the halls these days."


The boy?


"Oh, [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Cyrus Dawes did some Glamour-y thing a while back that caught their attention. He doesn't know about it. It would just worry him. I've been cleaning these things out when they...."


The monster blasts out at you from above!


Exit 3: Gates Method. Gate something made from ice!


Your gated Abominable Ice Maiden bump straight into the hag. The hag fell unconscious within moments.


Then she turns around, squint at Olivia, and pull her into a hug.


"Take care of Cyrus for me, little banshee," she whispers gently before vanishing.


Olivia hits the ground, frozen and unconscious.





Your gated Abominable Ice Maiden open her mouth and blast out at the hag. And Olivia. Both of them hit the floor buried within a mountain of snow as high as the ceiling.


And then she transform into Olivia in front of your eyes, smiling.


"If you don't mind," the Ice Maiden says in Olivia's voice. "I would like to go swoon at Cyrus Dawes after I clean up these two."


You decline. And to be on the safe side, you explictly forbid her from "cleaning up", whatever it is.


"Right," the not-Olivia nods in disappointment. "I will be going home then."


Now, you don't have to worry about the hag waking up. On the other hand, it might be half a day until you can dig up Olivia...


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