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How to deal with a BIG cat


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Greetings. Meow.


In order to balance out CremePudding's dastardly evil creations, and also to keep me busy, here is an event for everyone to enjoy. Meow.


This event should occur in the bathrooms because there are NOT ENOUGH events that occur in the bathrooms, it's always classrooms, hallways, outdoors, dangerous city alleys but never bathrooms. Why no bathrooms?! /End rant. Meow.


Feel free to add your own exits. Meow


And end your sentences with Meow! Because it's fun. Meow.







Just great.


Here you are in the bathroom. Sitting alone in a tub of warm water, sponge in hand, just trying to relax after a long day of surviving heavy studies, hard as a Marchant's thick head pop quizzes and hare-brained schemes from your friends once a week.


And now the door to your little privacy stall is open, there is an orang-utan in bathroom, stealing your clothes. And a massive tiger the size of a bull troll working for the orang-utan just entered the room. The orang-utan is now putting on your clothes and working out the door with screams and various animal noises coming from the outside.


Well don't just sit there naked in the tub! Do something to get you out of here! Or don't and just wait for rescue.


The tiger just noticed you.




Investigation 1: Hey look. There's a small tube on the ground.


Someone must have been drinking something in the tub. Weird. Still, you found something to take with you in an incredibly dangerous situation that really shouldn't happen in a school with highly irresponsible kids wielding enough power to conquer nations and destroy worlds just by getting scared out of their wits. But you found a tube! Go you!


Effect: Unlock Exit 2: Patience


Item gained:

Small tube


Effects:+1 Playfulness – It's a tube. Use it to drink from a cup, use it to shoot spit balls at friends/enemies. Use your imagination and you will find many uses for it.




Exit1: Animal Kinship – Why don't you make a friend out of the dangerous beast?




You said hello to the nice big kitty. The tiger just lays itself on the floor in front of the door, looking at you with not exactly hunger in its eyes.


A good sign, you thought. You then continue to ask the tiger whether he/she likes it here in the Academy. The tiger snorts. Obviously unhappy with the facilities provided and the abysmal quality of food here.


You nod and agree with the tiger's unspoken opinion. You then share your various opinions with the tiger, ranging from great practical sessions to super noogie by seniors. By the end of your rant the tiger is already nodding thought fully at your opinions.


You sneeze.


The tiger is walking towards you. You are practically shaking the tub when suddenly the tiger takes your towel and hands it to you. You say thanks and quickly dry yourself. The tiger actually accompanies you back to your room and growling at anyone who wants to laugh at your state of undress.


Later on, Professor Pachait comes and takes the tiger (Sasha) away and returns your stolen clothes. Overall, an odd but relaxing experience.


Effect: -1 Stress, +1 Social skills






You said "Hi" to the tiger. It doesn't even look at you, instead it lifts up its nose and crosses over to the sinks. Snobbish ain't it?


You slowly slip out and dry yourself off. Using your towel to preserve your modesty, you continuously make small talk with the tiger in order to distract it from chewing on your soft and fleshy self.


So far so good as you slink towards the door, the tiger watching you every so often. You avoid making eye contact with the tiger until you stepped onto someone's bar of soap. You slipped on the floor and felt a breeze. Just as you try to prevent your towel from exposing a little too much of yourself, the tiger had just managed to turn the tap on the sink and is now plugging it expertly to drink from it.


Wow, that's impressive for a creature with no opposable thumbs. The tiger resented that remark, it was quite obvious with the way the tiger jerked its head at you. Also the glaring of the eyes, the drool falling off the corner of its mouth and the baring of the teeth is a dead giveaway. So will you be if you don't GET OUT OFF OF THERE!


The leopard napping peacefully in the hallway was definitely amused to see a kid running down the hallway, dripping all over the corridor and a towel caught in the door.


Effect:+3 Stress




Exit 2: Patience – You have a tube for breathing, you are sitting in a tub of water, and there is a tiger at the door. Do the math.




Cleaning the tube inside and out, you turn to look at the sinks at the far side of the room. The tiger followed and at that instant you dive under the water and stick the tube out just enough that the tiger won't notice a tube sticking out above the rim of the tub where that juicy little snack was.


It was horribly uncomfortable. You couldn't open your eyes, the tub is kinda small, and the fact that there's a tiger waiting to eat you is definitely messing up your concentration.


You started to count stuff in your head. The doors in this school, the windows in this school, the number of animals that cross your feet every time you sat in the Morvidus common room, the number of bullies in this school, the many times Philippe Marchant has harassed you, the many ways you wish to pay back Philippe.


Finally you can't take it anymore and broke through the surface of the water. Looks like the tiger is gone and you managed to get back to your room before anyone catches you in your full glory.


How anticlimactic.


Effect:+1 Concentration





"Hey look!" you shouted as you point at the sinks. The tiger jerks its head towards the sinks and you quickly hide yourself.


You shut your eyes and try to remember to breathe through the tube. In order to distract yourself from the fact that there's a TIGER waiting to catch you out there, you decide to count griffons jumping fences.


Before long you are counting the ways the griffons could help you conquer a certain bully through many, many embarrassing ways. You were giggling so much you had to get out of the water to catch your breath.


Well it looks like the tiger is gone.


Then you felt something breathing down your back. You whimpered and turned to look. The tiger is looking at you with curiosity in its eyes.


Your towel was later found in the bathroom.


Effect:+1 Childishness Playfulness, +2 Stress




Exit3: Singing and sitting. Sitting and singing.




Music soothes the savage beast right? Right! And so you decided to sing a song that has been known to soothe the most vicious of kitties.



Please go to youtube and look up Nerevar Rising


Meow Meow Meooow, Meow Meow Meooow, Meow Meow Meow, Me - Meow Meow Meow.


Meow Meow Meow, Meow Meow Meow, Meow Meow Meoooow, Meow Meow Meoooow. Meow Meow Meow – Me - Meow Meow Meow Meow.


Meow Meow Meow. *Pause* Meow Meow Meow



You clear your throat a few times, the tiger looking at you inquisitively and began to sing. After many meows, stretched out meows and holding some high notes on a few of the meows, you finish the song.

The tiger looks content. Apparently you have a great voice for singing, as if you don't already know that, hah!


The tiger gets up, nods at you, opens the door (without the help of opposable thumbs) and got out. That was more impressive than your song.


But you continue your bath and sing a few notes as the sound of shrill screaming fills the air. Eh, the professors can handle it. It's not like they don't have enough hands to help them ...


Hey wait a minute! The orang-utan stole your clothes! You are so going to track that beast right after this!


Effect:+1 Scouting






Ahem. Ahem!


You sang but the pressure of singing in front of a massive tiger while in your birthday suit is really caused voice to crack and the song came out all shrill-like.


The tiger is not amused.


You try again only for the song to come out too fast. The tiger is on its feet now.You try your hardest to sing while trying to keep the water in the tub clean but this time you are forgetting the lyrics.


The tiger growls a little and you can feel the whole tub shaking.


The tiger takes your towel and throws it over your head. It turns, opens the door with its paws and walks out in utter disgust with your horrible performance.


Okay you stink in more ways than one but being told to quit singing by a tiger? Now that's just overdoing it.


Effect: Emotion: Bitterness


Song by cynicalCanasian : Here

Learned from reading Prequel

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Thetiger is walking towards you. You are practically shaking the tub when suddenly the tiger takes your towel and hands it to you. You say thanks and quickly dry yourself. The tiger actually accompanies you back to your room and growling at anyone who wants to laugh at your state of undress.


Reminds me of Fallen London / Echo Bazaar where you can buy a Tiger as a pet.

"I have a tiger. Do you have a tiger?" :P


By the way, you might want to have your cat deal with it, if you have one ;)


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